About Me

I’m Julia.  When I’m not managing a busy household that I share with my husband, two sons, and a neurotic cat, you’ll likely find me knitting, cooking, gardening, or reading.  I’ve been knitting since 1996, when two fellow law students taught me the basics.  I am also a full-time patent attorney.

I’ve been a member of Ravelry for several years now, and I intend for my Ravelry notes and this blog to complement each other.  So, if you’re looking for more information about a particular project and can’t find it here, please check my Ravelry page.  That’s where I post a lot of my technical details.

These days, I don’t have a lot of time to write.  Most of my project-specific ramblings will be on Ravelry.  When I have something to say that doesn’t quite fit in Ravelry project notes, I’ll say it here.  You can also check me out on Twitter and Instagram, where I’m (what else) Rockymtnknitter.


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Linda says:

    I absolutely love your multnomah shawl! It looks longer that the original. Did you make it longer or are you just nice and petite? It is the exact length I am looking for but I am tall and am sure I will have to make the original pattern longer. Any hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  2. I did do several extra repeats, but I’m not sure how many. I had three skeins of yarn and just knit until I was 1) really, really bored with the project, and 2) was about out of yarn. Also, when I got toward the end of my knitting, I cast the shawl off onto a spare bit of yarn and measured it against my back to see if I had the right amount of coverage. For the record, I’m short (just over 5 feet in my shoes). Good luck!


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