On My Fifth Blogiversary

I now have five years of blogging experience, and even with all that behind me, I find this post difficult to write. No, I’m not killing the blog, even though I haven’t written here in six months. You can still expect posts from me here, when I have something to say that doesn’t fit on Ravelry. I may not post very often, but I do plan to continue posting occasionally.

When I was deciding what to do with the blog, I found it helpful to think about why I’d started down this path in the first place. After all, what did I have to offer the knitting community? I don’t teach knitting, so I have no schedule to post. I haven’t published patterns, so I have nothing to offer for sale or giveaway. I don’t have a lot of time to compose beautiful photographs, so it’s not a work of art to look at. No, it’s just color commentary on my knitting projects, and sometimes on life in general.

So, why did I want to start a blog? Well, I’d found that blogs had helpful to me when I wanted to look up a particular project, or a new technique, or just be entertained by someone else’s knitting adventures. I felt like I could repay some of what I’d gotten out of the knitterverse by adding my own voice. And speaking of voice, the blog has been a unique place for it.

I have other places where my online persona resides. Facebook keeps the Wife and Mom self. Twitter has my pithy, Knitter self. Instagram keeps my photos from the knitter and non-knitter aspects of my self. Ravelry is great, in that sort of walled-garden knitterverse sense. The blog fills another aspect where the other forms of social media just don’t fit, so it does have value to me. Offline, my journal is probably my truest self, and I don’t have to self-edit the way I do for my public writing. Alas, self-editing my public writing is essential because I don’t want to get fired or piss off those I know in real life on the offhand chance my writing might be mildly amusing for the few readers I have out there.

When I started the blog, I hoped I would gain a small, but fairly stable readership. While I never expected The Blog to help me find that one additional skein of yarn I needed for a project, nor perhaps to point me to some good restaurants when I was on travel, I did hope that over the course of five years that I’d have readers who enjoyed my weekly or biweekly posts and interacted at least a little with me or with each other. And while I have tried, in the main, to write regularly, I never really acquired a regular, interactive readership of any size.

That lack of readership has resulted in a lack of motivation to use my scarce free time to write. I have a demanding full-time job and no lack of family and other obligations. When I have free time, I prioritize knitting over writing. When I do write, it tends to be to update my projects in Ravelry instead of here.

Ravelry is great, although its format is project-specific, rather than holistic. So, if I want to write about how my Green Tourmaline Shawl is coming along, it’s there on Rav. But if I want to post about travel-compatible knitting in general, it’ll have to be here.

You’ll see that I’ve not posted here since last October. What changed? In addition to the usual lack of time, I’ve had to work with my son on his schoolwork this year, and that’s taking time I ordinarily would have spent knitting and writing. Plus, I’ve decided to ramp up my exercise sessions, so I’m putting in more time Nordic walking and at the gym. These are good things, of course, but doing them leaves me precious little time to knit or write.

Given all that, why do I want to continue with the blog? I do see value in writing, when I have time.  I want to spend time writing for the blog in proportion to what I’m getting out of it. So, that may not be a whole lot right now, but it may improve in the future.

In the meantime, if things look quiet here and you’re wondering what I’m up to, check out my Ravelry page, Twitter, or Instagram. You can send me a message on Ravlery, as well.

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1 Response to On My Fifth Blogiversary

  1. whip1up says:

    I have enjoyed your blog since I found it. I started mine for the same reasons, in part….interaction, but I tend to be a little shy!! I smiled when this popped up on my blog feed.


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