Summer Vacation

I didn’t set out to take the whole summer off writing blog posts. I figured that I’d write less often than I do during the cooler months, but I never thought that I’d stop altogether. Before I knew it, though, cherry season turned to peach season and is turning to apple season. Summer camps and summer jobs and summer road trips came and went in a pleasant, busy, blur, and now the busyness is everyone back in school and the rhythm of autumn is beginning. And with that rhythm, I’ll be able to write more often.

So, what’s kept me from writing all summer? Well, for one thing, there’s the summer food preservation effort. We had a decent cherry season, so I put up cherry pie filling, cherry jam, and cherry barbecue sauce. Fall fruit will start coming in next week, and I expect to be busy putting up apples and pears pretty soon.

Also, I’ve crammed in two more hobbies into my already busy life. I participated in the summer autocross season with my husband and older son. For the uninitiated, an autocross course is a twisty course set up with traffic cones in a large parking lot, and the object is to finish it as fast as you can without hitting too many cones, because there’s a time penalty for doing so. The guys live for it. I thought it was a lot of fun, too. It’s only six Saturdays per season, but that’s time away from doing other things, like knitting and writing about it.

I also decided to be more diligent with Nordic walking and going to the gym for strength training. Now, in my heart of hearts, I’d much rather spend that time ensconced in my knitting chair, knitting away. But taking that time to work on building muscle and maintaining aerobic fitness has really paid off. I’m no Olympic athlete, but I was able to hike with the family this summer without any issues, my blood pressure’s well within the normal range, and my back hurts less.

Of course, I’ve found time for some knitting. This summer, I knit socks for my niece:

Blackberry Jam finished

and my sister-in-law:


Cable Clock Socks

I made some bed socks for me:

Goose Hollow Socks


And also a mohair cowl:


Mohair Smoke Ring finished

And another cowl:


Garter Stitch Cowl

So, I have been knitting, just not writing about it. When I’m pressed for time, and I have a choice between knitting or writing about it, knitting always wins. I do plan to write more often this autumn. I’ve got my fall knitting on the needles, and I’ll have lots to say about it in the coming weeks.

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