Homework Procrastination

I knew better. I really did. I knew better than to put off doing my homework for my Interweave Yarn Fest classes. After all, I signed up for this shindig months ago — the day registration opened, in fact. And, as I was so taken with the classes being offered, I booked myself solid for three days.

Some classes require nothing more than showing up with what’s typically in my knitting bag. Others, however, require gathering materials and knitting swatches or starting projects to be worked on in class. I knew this. I knew it when I was signing up for classes. I’d made a mental note of the fact that homework was required in several classes and moved on with my life. Months went by. The Yarn Fest, noted on the family calendar, crept closer.  And now? Now, I feel like a student who’s had months to work on a long-term project, but put it off until the last minute. This weekend, in what little discretionary time I had, I finally put together a binder for Yarn Fest, printed out course information and homework, and started getting my head wrapped around the fact that I’ve got an expensive three days of knitting stuff going on, and I need to maximize my value. I certainly won’t maximize anything if I’m not prepared.

This is my second big knitting show I’ll have attended, with the first being Loopy Ewe’s Fall Fling about a year ago. For that event, I put together a binder with dividers for each class and a pen pocket for supplies. That preparation helped out a lot, as I was in class for several days straight. I knew I’d do the same thing for Yarn Fest, but I put off actually doing it.

Until now. Last week, I realized, with a start, that I was out of procrastination time. True, I’ve got until Wednesday to get ready, but really, I don’t. I have this weekend. To extricate myself gracefully from work for a few days, the coming [short] workweek will be devoted to, well, work. That leaves right now to get ready for Yarn Fest.

I logged on to the website to see what I was up against. Granted, knitting homework ain’t thermochemistry, but still, it does take time. What if I had several time-intensive things to do? What if I had a lot of exotic supplies to track down? On top of work and family obligations, this might be quite the ordeal for the weekend.

I compiled a list of supplies I’d need: Various knitting needles, bits of yarn here and there, so not a big deal. I looked at the homework. One of my instructors sent out an email asking us to please, please have the homework done before class, because we’d never catch up otherwise. Yes, I could see that. Two swatches that were not insubstantial. Here’s one:

notebook and swatch

For another class, I had to start a headband:

headband begun

I raided my Knit Picks Palette collection. These colors were from a kit for knitting various colorwork mittens, so I know the colors will go together gracefully.

I also put together a binder (the one in the swatch photo above). I put tabs for each class:

notebook tabs

Inserted a pen pocket for pens, pencils, and supplies:

pen pocket

And printed out all of my class materials.

I’m still kind of annoyed with myself for waiting this long to get things together. I’ll have to start packing this weekend, as I can’t expect to have much time at all to devote to this during the week. Now that I’m (mostly) prepped, I can look forward to Yarn Fest.







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