Spring Denial

They started coming, way too early. My spring knitting magazines began showing up in my mailbox a few days after Christmas. Yes, Christmas. Barely after the Winter Solstice, at a time when I would flick on the Christmas lights around 4:00 p.m., as the sun was setting behind the mountains. At a time when I’d just finished the Christmas rush of knitting and could settle down for a nice, cozy, proper knit after the guests, the gifts, and the leftovers had all been sorted.

spring magazines

One by one, they arrived, like too-early party guests who show up before I’m dressed, eager to offer help that I don’t need just yet. I let them pile up on the side table next to my knitting chair, unopened.

About this time of year, there’s an ever-increasing chorus wishing for, waiting for spring. With every March snowstorm or Arctic blast, there’s a twitter of tweets: “Oh, no! When will spring be here!” Or, “I’m so sick of this, I can’t wait for spring.”  Well, not me. This is my backyard view:

backyard winterscape

That view won’t change a whole lot between now and Mother’s Day, and that’s perfectly fine by me. Winter is my favorite season. I love my dark, long evenings sitting and knitting while the garden sleeps. Soon enough, I’ll be spending the longer daylight hours turning up soil and planting in my garden, then blanching and freezing greens from our CSA. Necessary tasks if one wants to eat well, but they take me away from my knitting.

About this time of year, I find myself in denial of spring. The daylight steadily grows. Home magazines will have tutorials on how to make wreaths from forsythia and pussy willows. And me? Well, I enjoy watching the snow fall as I settle into my knitting chair with my heavy wool projects.  If it stays cold and snowy until May, so much the better.

But now that it’s March, I’ll have to start shaking off that denial and do some longer-range planning. I need to open the gardening catalogs that arrived at about the same time as the knitting magazines. I will have to consider what should be planted, when it’s safe to plant in mid to late May. For my knitting, I’ll want to contemplate what projects will be compatible once the summer’s heat sets in. It’s time to start reading those magazines, all the while enjoying what’s left of my favorite season.

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