Convertible Mittens

I had scarcely gotten the college kid’s sweater off the needles when he put in another request: “Mom, when you have time, will you please knit me a pair of mittens?”

I’m about always overjoyed when get specific requests for knitting.  I don’t have to worry about whether the requestor will appreciate knitting.  Nor do I have to worry that I’m investing time knitting, say, a hat, when the recipient perhaps hates hats.  So, I tend to prioritize requests.

It just so happened that I had three skeins of Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter (colorway: Soot) left over from his sweater.  More than enough for some mittens.  I also had room in my project rotation for a purse project, and mittens would work out great.  Onto the needles they went.

I decided on Juris Mitts, but without the individual fingers.  I hate knitting fingers in gloves with a purple passion, so I’d knit the hand portion as a fingerless mitt.

mitts on

back view mitt

Over that, I knit the mitten tops:

mittens on

mittens on palm

Next?  Well, now he’s asking for socks.  But he’ll have to wait.  I liked these convertible mittens so much that I put some on the needles for me.




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