The Shawl Joins a Knitalong

This week, I joined Susan B. Anderson’s Shawl Knitalong, my first-ever KAL. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to do a KAL — it’s just that the circumstances have never been right. For others I’ve come across, I’ve been on knitting deadlines that I knew would keep me from truly participating or finishing on time, or work demands have intervened, or I didn’t care for the pattern or perhaps the yarn, or they were tied to TV shows I don’t watch. But this one? This one was perfect.

You see, I’ve already got a running start on my shawl.

Twizzle Weigh It started[


I cast on the Yowza Weigh-it Shawl as a stupid-easy project to knit on during the holidays. It’s been a screaming success, too. I decided to use some Mountain Colors Twizzle, a delightful worsted-weight yarn in a soft, squishy merino-silk blend. I’ve used it before to make a cowl, hat, and mittens, and have found it to be soft, warm, and that it wears surprisingly well. This colorway, called Thunderhead, doesn’t really remind me of stormy skies. Rather, the colors are more like what I see at twilight in winter. Calming to knit and eminently wearable with the colors already in my wardrobe.

I cast it on just before the out-of-towners arrived at Thanksgiving. I knit while prepping for Thanksgiving dinner. I knit while watching football games. I knit when we took the in-laws up to Rocky Mountain National Park. All the while, the simple garter stitch flowed as the conversations did, never keeping me too preoccupied to keep up with what was going on around me.

With the in-laws scooted back East after Thanksgiving, I set my sights on Christmas. I knit during those crazy weeks, grateful to have a simple project to pick up and put down. I knit when we had a houseful of people at Christmas, again finding it to be well-suited to being social while also being productive. I knitted my way almost to 200 grams, or two skeins of yarn.

Yowza 2-3 (1)

And then? Well, Christmas was over, and family started to head back from whence they came. On a post-Christmas outing with remaining family, I popped into my LYS (gee, funny how that happens. . . ) and picked up this:

Malabrigo Playa

It’s Malabrigo sock yarn in Playa. I bought it to add to the sock yarn stash, not having any particular project in mind. That is, until I got home, began filling out my January calendar, and realized that I needed a gift for a favorite aunt by the end of January. I set a land-speed record for LYS-to-cast-on, and put that yarn on the needles right away.

This week, just as I was ready to graft the toes and get these socks off the needles,

sock blockers portrait

Susan announced her KAL.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune. I could pick up some additional patterns at a discount, plus find the motivation to fish out my shawl from next to my knitting basket, where it had languished for the past month.

Yowza closeup (1)

The deadline for finishing — March 1 — was completely do-able, particularly given the progress I’d already made. I could throw the shawl back into my usual knitting rotation. I wouldn’t even have to devote myself to it completely — there’d be room for other projects, too. And after a month of focusing on one project only, having some variety in my knitting life was something I could really look forward to. This week, I’ll plan to attach that final skein so I can begin the ruffle. Just in time for Super Bowl knitting.

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