Holiday Compatible Knitting

No, I’m not going to write about holiday-rushed knitting. That post may yet come, but not quite yet. Rather, I’m thinking about knitting projects that are compatible with the holidays. Specifically, holiday visits.

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year, which means my in-laws are flying in tonight and my parent and kids will join us for the festivities. We’ve got several days’ worth of fun activities planned, and I can count on having at least some time to knit, particularly when everyone’s recovering from food comas and we’re watching football. So, never mind what’s to eat. What’s to knit? I rifled through my knitting basket and surveyed my options.

Well, there’s Meteliza.

Meteliza progress

Meteliza isn’t terribly difficult, as far as Orenburg lace goes, but I do have to follow a chart. Chart-following can be difficult if I’m trying to do that and have a two-way conversation about Great Aunt Whatshername’s various ailments. So, Meteliza is fine to have on hand when things are quiet, but it’s not completely holiday compatible.

Then, there’s the Norwegian star hat.

Star Hat progress

Like Meteliza, it has a chart. Not a hard chart, but a chart nonetheless. Plus, I’m about ready to do the crown decreases, so this is going to be off the needles pretty soon. It’s fine for football-watching, but if a conversation becomes too involved, I’ve got to put this one down.

And then there’s the sock:

Nob Hill progress

A nice plain vanilla sock, this is holiday compatible, for sure, right up until I have to turn the heel. At that point, I’ll need more football, less conversation.

So, with those projects all in varying degrees of holiday incompatibility, I decided to cast on a super-simple shawl:

Twizzle Weigh It started

This is Susan B. Anderson’s Yowza Weigh-it Shawl pattern, only I’m knitting it up in Mountain Colors Twizzle in Thunderstorm rather than the yarn called for in the pattern. Ridiculously simple, plus it’s fun yarn. I can knit on this when I get to the heel-turning part of my sock, and never miss a beat about Great Aunt Whatshername.

With that problem solved, I turned my attention to another knitting dilemma: what to knit during an upcoming weekend car trip. I can start with the Norwegian star hat, but it’ll probably be finished when we’re 100 miles from the nearest yarn store. I need something else. Meteliza is a little fiddly for car knitting. And although socks tend to be everyone else’s favorite travel project, I tend to drop DPNs, so I keep sock projects tucked away when I’m in cars or airplanes. Instead, I decided to cast on Pretty Thing in some alpaca I’ve been anxious to get on the needles:

Alpaca PT started

This will be my third Pretty Thing, and the first one I’ve knit that’s for me. It’s a fairly simple pattern that I can knit on car-compatible circulars.

And with all that resolved, I can cook and bake tomorrow, knowing that I’ve got some good knitting projects on the needles that won’t interfere with our conversations.

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