The Power of the Purse [Project]

I try to keep a small knitting project in my purse. A purse project means that even when my lace is languishing and my sweater is sulking, I have a small project, at least, that I’ll make progress on when I have a few moments here and there as I’m on the go.

Last weekend, I looked at my calendar for the upcoming week, realized I had several good knitting opportunities brewing, and decided I needed to cast on a new purse project. I went on a stash dive and came up with this:

Keyhole Scarf yarn

It’s handspun, hand-painted yarn in an alpaca-bamboo blend that I picked up at the most recent alpaca festival. I decided to make a keyhole scarflette  as a variation on my usual go-to accessory project, the venerable cowl.

Although the scarf is easy, I took care of the fiddly parts over the weekend, knitting up until the straightaway:

Keyhole Scarf begun


On Monday, I had a doctor’s appointment. The doctor — shock — was running very late, so I made a lot of progress on the scarf, and was only slightly perturbed that my lunch was postponed by her tardiness:

Keyhole Monday

On Tuesday, I had a little time to knit during lunch:

Keyhole Tuesday


On Wednesday, I took advantage of my son’s orthodontist appointment to knit a little more:

Keyhole Wednesday

I took Thursday off from my project to run to the yarn store at lunch (absence excused).

Over the weekend, I sat down between canning and freezing some of the last of my summer produce to finish the scarf and then block it:

Keyhole finished

So, that’s a project finished in a week, knit up in otherwise wasted time. I’d like to feed my leftover yarn to the next person who says, “Gee, I wish I had time to knit.” But I suppose that I’ll just show them my scarf.

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