What I Was Going to Say

I had planned out much of what I was going to say to you this week. Last weekend, I spent a wonderful three days at The Loopy Ewe’s Fall Fling. I had much to relay. I still do. Trouble is, my life overfloweth right now. At work it’s the end of the fiscal year, which is the busiest time for me. So, about as soon as I returned from the Fling, I was back in the maelstrom, and won’t reemerge for about another week and a half. What little knitting time I have, I don’t want cannabalized by writing about it. So:

I was going to tell you about how awesome Fall Fling was, and how great it was to meet other people as passionate about knitting as I am. I was going to tell you that it was well-organized and that I found the whole thing to be a fantastic learning experience and well worth my time and money.

I was going to tell you that I finished this hat while I was there.


Garter Ridge finished

Yarn: Mountain Colors Bearfoot

Colorway: Mountain Twilight

Sorry for the crappy hotel room photo.

I was going to tell you about Susan B. Anderson’s fun Fair Isle Mitts class, where I designed some mitts to go with a cowl I’m making:

Fair Isle Mitts + chart

I was going to tell you about the cowl I’m knitting using Arctic Qiviut’s Qiviut Sock yarn in Wild Iris, which has practically been a religious experience to knit. I’m looking forward to having it finally get cold enough for me to wear this:

Qiviut Cowl1-3 done

Pattern: Flared Lace Smoke Ring

I was going to tell you about the high drama involving the stockinette sweater I’m knitting, when I realized that I really, really would have to alter the armhole shaping, which means I really, really have to rip out not one, but two sleeve caps on the sleeves I’ve already knit so that they will fit into the reshaped armholes. Wine was involved.

Capretta body decreases

I was going to tell you all of these things in great and entertaining detail, but I’m about out of my minuscule amount of discretionary time this afternoon. So, it’ll have to wait.

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