Birthing a New Knitter

The good thing about going to the beach in August is that just about everyone else I work with, it seems, is also on vacation in August, so I don’t miss much. The bad thing about going on vacation in August is that right after I return, we plunge into back-to-school and the busiest time of the year at work, where the fiscal year ends September 30. It seems like one long sprint from vacation to Christmas. Ergo, my absence from the blog.

My extended family meets up at a beach every other year for a family reunion of sorts. We rent houses and condos in the same general area, set up our beach chairs together during the day, and have at least one big potluck dinner. When we arrived this year, one of my cousins wasted no time in asking me to teach her to knit.

Really? I was beyond excited. My family’s attitude about my knitting ranges from mild bemusement to an interest in the finished products, but not in the process itself. This was the first time I’ve had a relative express any interest at all in learning to knit.

The next day, rain set in, so my ever-dutiful husband and I set off in search of yarn. The yarn search turned out to be more of a challenge than I’d expected. One relatively nearby LYS had closed. A big box store had nothing but crappy yarn and needles. (Want a really efficient way to turn off a prospective knitter? Teach her how to knit with crap stuff.) I needed inexpensive but decent yarn and some decent, grabby, bamboo needles.

After a good bit of driving, I found both at an all-purpose craft store. I bought a skein of worsted wool and some bamboo circulars with DPNs to match, as I wasn’t sure whether she’d want to make a cowl or hat as a first project.

Katherine is an avid crocheter and, by happy coincidence, is left-handed, like I am. It didn’t take much to transfer what she already knew about crocheting to knitting using the continental method, and before long at all, she’d cast on stitches for a Triple Seed Stitch cowl  and was off and running:


The next thing I knew, Katherine was nearly inseparable from her knitting:


And the last time I checked, she’s still cranking away on the cowl.

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2 Responses to Birthing a New Knitter

  1. Katherine says:

    Julie, I am still plugging away little by little. I am so glad you taught me and have inspired me!!


  2. Katherine, keep at it! I’m proud of you for learning.


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