Side Effects

OK, so I can see that I’ve been away from the blog for longer than I like. It’s summer, which is the Season Of Not Knitting As Much, at least it is for me. I tend to have lots more non-knitting gotta-do’s in the summer than at any other time of year, and this year is no exception. I’ve been blanching and freezing greens, making and freezing pesto, and enjoying summertime pursuits.

Last weekend, though, I was feeling under the weather, so I managed to knit more than I usually do this time of year. The side effects of feeling not-so-great?  Two projects came off the needles.

First, this scarf, destined as a Christmas present for my niece:

Maddie's scarf finished

The pattern is Midwest Moonlight and the yarn is Sylvan Spirit from Green Mountain Spinnery in Blue Opal.

The pattern was simple without being boring. The yarn was different from anything else I’ve knitted. It’s a Tencel/wool blend. The Tencel gave it an interesting, sort of papery feeling as it was knitted up. It softened like linen in the wash and will be great for next-to-skin softness. Nice drape, too.

Second, this cowl, which is for me:

Fir Trees circle


Fir Trees flat

Fir Trees model


The yarn is a viscose-wrapped angora called Seraphim by Bijou Basin Ranch. It isn’t the sneezy, floofy-doofy angora I expected. While it blooms nicely, it isn’t overly fuzzy. The project is a one-skein cowl called Fir Trees by Marly Bird. The effect is sort of like a knitted necklace — it may be light enough to wear indoors as an accessory. I’ll have to see how cool my office is come autumn.

Today, I watched the World Cup final and made a decent amount of progress on a baby blanket for a colleague.

baby blanket 50 percent

The yarn is Butterfly Super 10 mercerized cotton in cream, and the pattern is Welcome Home Baby Blanket. I’ve reached that critical halfway mark on the blanket, so I’m hoping that finish-it-up-itis will take over, never mind all of the other summer activities that are competing for my attention.



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