Knitterly Souvenirs

When my husband and I went to London for our 25th anniversary, I hoped we’d be able to visit some yarn stores. I researched yarn stores near the touristy areas we’d be frequenting, and saw that, for the most part, they were just enough out of the way that I’d probably be pushing my luck with my husband’s goodwill if I asked for too many woolly side trips.

While I didn’t visit any yarn stores in London proper, I did have some luck on our excursions out of the city. Before we went on a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath, I looked up a yarn store in Bath called Wool , so we stopped in on our too-short afternoon there.

Bath 8

I picked up a skein of undyed yarn from a “rescued” Cotswold/Dorset sheep, whose photo was on the ball band (!), that was made right there in Bath.
Bath yarn

I don’t know what the sheep was rescued from, as I took lots of photos of very contented looking sheep grazing in pastures around there.

Stonehenge 1

Perhaps she was rescued from being Sunday roast.  I also picked up a skein of merino/silk sparkly laceweight from a company called

It’ll make a nice shawl to remind me of my trip.

On our day trip to Windsor, we walked by a craft shop that had a sign in the window boasting that it had “Windsor’s Largest Yarn Department,” so I had to go in.

Windsor 93

We were killing time, anyway, waiting for the nearby pub to start its dinner service.  I ended up with three skeins of Debbie Bliss Bluefaced Leicester, It’s only 300-odd yards, but will be enough for a small project.

Debbie Bliss BFL

Another day, we stopped in at a grocery store near the hotel, which was sort of a fun field trip in and of itself.  An aunt had asked for a UK celebrity gossip magazine, so I picked one up.  While on that errand, I saw their knitting magazines.  UK knitting magazines (at least, the ones I saw) are packaged with freebies, like a little kit to knit a toy bear, a tape measure, little llama bobbins, and pattern booklets.  Figuring these would be relatively cheap souvenirs, I bought all three current issues.  The magazines made interesting reading on the long plane ride home.

IMG_1311 IMG_1312

So, that’s it for blog posts about London.  Tomorrow, I head to the Estes Park Wool Market, and I’ll write about that just as soon as I can.




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