If You Knit Yourself A Cowl . . .

If you knit yourself a cowl

Prickle dress

You might want some mittens to go with it.

Prickle mittens

If you knit yourself some mittens, you might also want

Swirl Hat

a hat.

Well, that’s what happend to me, anyway. I chanced upon a new yarn at my LYS called Twizzle, from Mountain Colors, a wool/silk worsted weight blend, handpainted in fun colors.  I decided to buy a skein to play with, and made this pretty and practical Prickle Cowl for my sister-in-law for Christmas. (The colorway is Headwaters, which includes teal, brown, indigo, and other colors, as well.)

Prickle - wearing

It’s a moebius cowl with an interesting cast-on for which Cat Bordhi has an excellent YouTube video.  I enjoyed knitting it and the yarn so much that I decided to make one for myself.  Only this time, I chose a colorway called Blooming Gale that included my favorite shade of pink, and I bought two skeins so that I could make some mittens to match.

I went a size down on my needles (from a 10 to a 9), so as not to chew up as much yarn as I did with the first cowl, and came out with 30 grams of yarn left over.  I parked the leftovers, and cast on for the mittens, using my trusty mitten pattern.

When the mittens were cast off, I realized I had enough yarn from the cowl and mittens to make a hat, if I didn’t get too crazy with it.  I did a bit of poking around and found this Swirl Hat pattern.

What I liked about these three projects was the opportunity to see how the colorway behaves in different situations. With the cowl, the colors are dispersed. With the mittens, there’s a stripey effect with (thankfully) not much color pooling.  With the hat, there were little blocks and splotches of color that repeated at pleasing intervals.  Same colorway, three unique presentations, and one coordinated look.

Prickle and mittens

Cowl + mittens + hat

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