Recovery Knitting

I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like to as of late.   Just before Thanksgiving, I found out I had gallstones, which were the source of the abdominal pain I’d been feeling for some time.  Because the pain was just a pain, and not an outright emergency, I opted to have my gallbladder removed several weeks later.   I’m recovering now. 

The breathing room between diagnosis and surgery gave me time to host my extended family for Thanksgiving, plus prepare for Christmas.  I had to be careful about what I ate, of course, but delaying the surgery ended up being a good decision.  I was able to figure out what absolutely had to be done by Christmas, and what tasks could be delegated, outsourced, or just avoided this year.

High on my to-do list?  Planning recovery knitting, of course.  I’ve had enough surgery in my life that I know to plan well for the recovery phase. The surgery itself?  I can hand that over to the experts and not waste a lot of mental energy on it.  But when I’m released from the hospital — that’s when the hard work of recovering begins.

I have my trusty ongoing projects — the Shetland crepe shawl and the offset diamonds Aran — but I also wanted to have some really easy projects, too.  Things that I could manage even while on heavy-duty painkillers.

The first thing I cast on was this Miranda Shawl.  I’m using some alpaca/mohair blend that’s made locally, in a calming watercolor colorway.  The pattern is mostly garter stitch with a bit of a trim that’s super easy.

Miranda Shawl started

The second thing was a ribbed hat in the remaining 50 grams of Mountain Twilight I had left after making the mittens.  Unfortunately, I realized about halfway into it that I wasn’t going to have enough yarn, so I frogged it.  Now it’s this Triple Seed Stitch Cowl.  Perfect for taking along to the doctor’s office for my follow-up visit.

Mountain Twilight Cowl started

I was on the painkillers for a few days, so these projects were about all I could manage, when I felt like knitting at all.  Now that I’m off of them, I’ve resumed the Offset Diamonds Aran.  At least while I’m recovering, I can make some tangible progress on something.

Offset Diamonds front - almost done

And that’s the view from my knitting chair, where I’m spending lots of time these days.  Now I’m off to finish up the back of that Aran.  It’s good to have a daily goal, even during recovery.

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