Knitting In Between Times

It’s between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so much of my knitting these days has to be accomplished in those in-between times between working on holiday preparations.  My more fussy projects have, by and large, remained parked in my knitting basket, while the really simple things that I can work on between cooking and baking and errand-running are proceeding apace.

My most recent pocket project was this Sidestepping Cowl, which I worked up in a spare skein of Knit Picks Chroma Worsted in Midwinter.  I cast it on and kept it in my purse, taking it out at odd moments until it was over halfway done:

sidestepping cowl progress

This weekend, I made several batches of spiced nuts to give away as gifts.  While I babysat those, I knitted on the cowl until it was finished:

sidestepping cowl finished

The pattern is visually interesting, for such a simple project:

sidestepping cowl closeup

I made use of those in-between times and have my first finished object for 2014 gift-giving.

My Mountain Colors 4/8 yarn arrived this week, just in time for our Arctic cold snap.  I braved snow and ice and sub-zero temperatures to retreive it.  The colorway is Mountain Twilight,

Mountain Twilight 4-8

and I ordered it to make mittens to go with a scarf I made in the same colorway in Merino Ribbon:

MT 4-8 with scarf

The color is devilishly hard to photograph accurately.

MT scarf finished

I had to be in direct sunlight to get the colors to come out right.

MT scarf closeup

The colors are exactly what I see when the last light is fading over the Rockies and the first bright planets are coming out for the night.  The folks at Mountain Colors nailed this colorway.  It’s definitely Mountain Twilight.

The scarf pattern is Jo Sharp’s Misty Garden, by the way.  I used one skein, which is enough for a tuck-in.  Two skeins would have been more pricey than I cared to spend for this project.

I’ve been working on the matching mittens in between other holiday tasks.  I decided to make my simple mittens so that I wouldn’t be beholden to a chart or pattern during these busy times.

MT mittens one

One down, one to go.

When things get rather crazy, I’m particularly glad to be a knitter.  I don’t waste time.  Even a few minutes of downtime can translate into a gift for someone else or something for me.  It’s a little bit of a bummer to not be working on my more complex projects, but at least I’m making progress on some things.

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