Every Last Bit

When it comes to yarn I love, or expensive yarn (gee, could be both), I like it when my projects leave me with a skein or two leftover — enough for real, follow-on projects, like a hat or mittens — or I like to use up just about all of the yarn.  I hate it when there’s leftovers, but not quite enough to do anything with.

That’s what I thought was going to happen when I knit the Multnomah shawl out of Mountain Colors Mountain Goat.  I wanted to use up most of three skeins of yarn, so I added a few repeats.  As I came down toward the end of each skein, I put the remainder yarn in my sewing room for safekeeping until the project was over.  When I finished, I saw that I had more yarn than I felt comfortable with throwing away.  Not a bunch, but enough worth weighing, at least.

The leftovers weighed in at 48 grams.  Hmm.  That’s not quite enough for mittens, at least as I knit them, and certainly not enough for a hat.  But mitts?  Uncomplicated mitts that were a little on the short side should be do-able.  Plus, easy mitts would be a nice project to keep in my purse to knit on while waiting at appointments and such.

I cast on the first mitt and then did a sanity check after I finished the thumb gusset.  Could I really make two decent mitts from this yarn?  Indeed, I could.  For some mysterious reason, the project-in-progress and additional yarn was weighing in at  just 45 grams, so that’s the weight I went with.  I added yarn to the mitt I was working on as it lay on the scales until I had 22 grams, total (less the weight of the needles).  With the yarn divided, I figured I wouldn’t overshoot the knitting on the first mitt and have to frog some in order to finish the second.

I knit up the first mitt, modifying the Smitten With Mittens pattern from Knit Simple’s Knitting Workshop.

MG mitts - on

Not fancy, and a little shorted on coverage, but serviceable.

I cast on the second mitt and worked on it while at a hair appointment, and later, while having coffee with another knitting friend.  The result?

MG mitts - side by side

I used all but about a gram of that wonderful yarn, and made something useful, plus kept myself gainfully occupied at odd times this week.

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