Me Day

I’m not able to enjoy “Me Days” as often as I used to.  Before the house, the kids, and the demanding career, my weekends, holidays, and days off were largely mine to spend as I chose.  These days, my non-working days are usually spent taking care of household obligations.  It ain’t work, but it ain’t necessarily fun, either.  Yesterday ended up being a Me Day, which I enjoyed immensely, although I have paid the price with a backlog of chores and errands for today and tomorrow.

The guys went camping with the Scouts, leaving me to my own devices.  I’d planned for the day to include a fair amount of holiday preparations and planning, with a little knitting activity sprinkled in.  I started my day at a local coffee shop, which is my favorite way to begin a weekend, and something I don’t get to do very often anymore.

When I came home, I decided to knit a few rows on my Crosswords at the Coffee Shop shawl.  I decided that this pattern would be the perfect use for the locally-produced, special edition yarn from my LYS in alpaca/angora/wool.

Crosswords - started

While I was knitting on that, I started thinking about the upcoming days.  Monday’s a holiday for me, and I plan to spend part of it doing some holiday shopping, and part of it at a doctor’s appointment.  I looked at my knitting basket.  I was lacking in the stupid-easy, portable project department.  I had nothing to occupy myself at the doctor’s office, and that’s a dangerous prospect.  I did a mental stash dive, and came up with the leftovers from my Multnomah shawl, Mountain Goat from Mountain Colors.  Was there enough for some simple fingerless mitts?  Fingerless mitts would be nice, and are easy and portable.

I put the Crosswords aside and visited my stash.  Yep, 48 grams of Mountain Goat.  I can make mittens out of just over 50 grams, so 48 for mitts would work out just about right.  I cast those on.

Now, the morning was fast escaping me.  I’d planned to do the responsible thing and work on cleaning out the sewing room, which will serve as an extra guest room at Thanksgiving, and then figuring out my Christmas shopping list and planning meals for when everyone’s here for Thanksgiving.  I had no business sitting and knitting all day.

That’s when my Knitting Id came up with a pretty reasonable argument, for an id.  “You need to knit on the mitt long enough to weigh it and do a sanity check to see if you really have enough yarn to make what you want,” she said.

MG mitts - started

Well . . . yeah, I thought.   Good point.   I knit up through the thumb gusset and weighed the project and yarn.  Yes, these mitts would work, as long as I was OK with not having a tremendous amount of finger coverage (I am).  As I was knitting, I thought about turning the day into a Me Day.  What if I just lumped all the things I wanted to do into one day this weekend, and then spent the next two days doing my obligatory tasks?  Wouldn’t that be fun?

Once the mitt was all sorted, I decided to enjoy a bowl of green chili for lunch at a good Mexican restaurant that’s right next to my LYS.  If this was going to be a Me Day, might as well be fortified.  After lunch, I wandered over to my LYS to order some yarn.  I finished the scarf I made with Mountain Colors Merino Ribbon in Mountain Twilight, which was blocking on the guest bed.  Now I wanted some wool in the same colorway for matching mittens.  With that ordered, I wandered the store, making notes about things I might like for Christmas, the better to guide the menfolk when they come asking.

I returned home and decided to take advantage of the warm afternoon, and went for a walk around the neighborhood.  I took care of a few household chores (the laundry schedule doesn’t rest on Me Days) and put together a simple plate of cheese, crackers, meats, and fruit to have with a glass of wine for dinner.  I spent the rest of the evening cranking on Steve’s sweater, just about finishing another repeat:

Steve's sweater - 2 repeats

And finally, reading the latest Piecework before bed.

It’s too bad that Me Days can’t happen more often, but they sure are fun when I can manage them.

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