Buyer’s Remorse

Last weekend, I went to my LYS’s 30th anniversary celebration.  I knew they’d have a special yarn for sale to commemorate the occasion that was locally produced, and I figured I’d pick up a few hanks of that, for sure.  I’m partial to locally produced anything, whether it’s food, yarn, or other goods.

The special yarn is 50% CVM/Rambouillet from Sister Sheep, 40% Alpaca from Ancient Treasures Alpacas, and 10% Angora from Midnight Moonsong. It was milled at Wild West Fiber Mill. It’s thick and thin, akin to handspun, soft, with a halo.

Cream Signature

I put two hanks in my basket.  Mission accomplished, right?  Well, right around the corner, I spied this:

Plum Signature

It was the very last skein of another yarn made special for the celebration, in DK weight.  It’s 50/50 wool/mohair and was processed by Lonesome Stone Natural Fiber Mill. The photo looks more purple, but the true color is more of a purple-taupe. It has a nice, firm twist and will probably show stitch definition well.  Just 125 yards, it will have to be used for a small project.

Into the basket it went.

A little later, I came across this:

blue-violet yarn

This is 70% Mohair, 30% Alpaca from a local producer, Midnight Moonsong. It doesn’t have a colorway name, and the yarn doesn’t have a name. It’s two-ply with a medium twist and a nice halo.  I picked up two skeins, which should be enough for a cowl or small scarf.

At that point, I’d blown my yarn budget, but was giddy at the thought of so much locally-produced yarn, right there at my LYS.

When I came home and went over my purchases, I felt some remorse.  Remorse in that I should have bought more.  I went through my Ravelry notebook and found this, which I thought would be perfect for the cream worsted-weight yarn.  I’d be living dangerously if I didn’t acquire one more hank, though.

And the purple yarn?  I knew they didn’t have more of that, but when I left the store, they still had some in the same weight in cream.  Why didn’t I think to pick some up when I had the chance, and perhaps make a colorwork project out of both small hanks?

The next day, I went right back to the store and picked up a third hank of cream worsted-weight.  Alas, they didn’t have any of the DK-weight left.  Lesson learned — when it comes to one-of-a-kind yarns, I need to buy all that I think I might need, right then and there.

This week, I’m finishing up the Multnomah:

Multnomah almost done

I finally got around to taking photos of some other projects I’ve completed recently, and will post about those as soon as I can (probably next weekend).

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