Knitting Emergency: June Mitts in October

Last week, I discovered an Ugly Truth about our spiffy, net-zero energy building to which my office has recently relocated — it is such because we don’t pay to heat it.  Or so it would seem.  It’s gotten colder here of late, and some days have been cloudy with flurries.  The temperature in the new building has been decidedly chilly, which is way different from our old building, where my office temperature ranged from balmy to tropical.

Of course, having a slightly chilly office isn’t such terrible news for a knitter, and one who lives in Colorado.  My lingerie chest isn’t filled with lingerie — I’ve got drawers of high-tech foundation layers for about every part of my body in about every weight available, from gossamer-weight silk to expedition weight synthetics.  Knitwear?  While I probably need to beef up the shawl and dressier knits department, I’m pretty well outfitted, already.

One glaring shortfall in my warmwear arsenal?  Fingerless mitts.  I’ve never knit a pair.  Never needed them until now.  I’ve got mittens, gloves, and glove-liners, but nothing in the fingerless department.

It was so cold at work last week that I put on mittens from time to time to warm my hands.  The rest of me, I could keep reasonably warm, but my hands, alas, were uncovered.  Mittens, of course, are not keyboard-compatible, nor is it easy to turn pages with them on.  No, I needed a pair of fingerless mitts, and pronto.

One of the many things I love about Ravelry is that if I am willing to take the time to enter in my stash and my library inventory, I can marry up candidate patterns and yarn just about wherever I happen to be.  I sat at my chilly desk the other day at lunch with my iPhone, and trolled my library for fingerless mitt patterns.

I zeroed in on June Mitts from the Fall 2013 Knitscene.  They seemed to fit the bill — easy, so they’d be quick, but not so simple that they’d bore me to death.  As for yarn, I had plenty of options, and thought about some pink sock yarn, Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in Summer Blooms.

When I arrived home that evening, I was thoroughly chilled and motivated to cast on some mitts.  Never mind that I was only one row away from starting the feather-and-fan edging on my Multnomah shawl.  Never mind that I was — yet again — neglecting my husband’s Aran.  This was a knitting emergency.

In between dinner prep tasks, I retrieved the Knitscene from my sewing room and scanned the pattern.  Yep, it looked like the directions would indeed yield the project in the photos.  I found the yarn and wound it and made a working copy of the pattern so that I could cast right on as soon as the dinner dishes were taken up.

I knit on these all weekend, motivated by the knowledge that on Monday, I’d be faced with another chilly day at work.  I finished them yesterday.

Office Mitts - back

I liked the mock cable rib pattern so much that I carried it wherever possible, including the palm.

Office Mitts - palm

Office Mitts - thumb


At work, my hands were warm for the first time since the weather changed.

Office Mitts - keyboard

That’s what I love about being a knitter.  I can take sticks and string and make something warm, pretty, and useful.  Emergency handled.  Now I can go back to my regularly scheduled knitting.

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