Reflections at the Autumnal Equinox

Today’s the autumnal equinox.  At the equinoxes, I try to consider the balance in my life and think about areas that are in need of rebalancing between now and the next equinox.

At the spring equinox, I found out that I’d be doing my boss’s job as well as my own while he was on a special assignment that would last into late summer.  So, the past six months have been anything but balanced.  When I wasn’t working or worried about work, about all I could muster up the energy to do was knit.

I’m more optimistic about the upcoming months.  I’m back to doing just one job only, so I have the time and energy to focus on areas of my life that have been neglected and are in need of rebalance.  For instance, I’ll take the time to get to the gym more often, which is something I’ve neglected these past months.  I’ll make more of an effort to eat better, too.  I have a number of household projects that need attending to, as well, like redecorating the room my older son vacated when he got an apartment.

On the knitting front, I want to balance knitting from stash with knitting new yarn.  I want to balance knitting for myself with knitting for others.  This week, I’ll continue to make progress on knitting Chris’s Christmas scarf.

Voltaire 25%

That’s Voltaire, knitting up nicely in Knit Pick’s Capra in Royal.

I’ll also crunch the numbers to finalize the modifications to Marly Bird’s Cobalt Cables, which I’ll cast on for Steve:

Steve's sweater swatches

These are the swatches in play.  It’ll be knit in Alice Starmore’s Virtual Yarns 3-ply Hebridean in Lapwing.

As soon as I have Chris’s scarf off the needles, I’ll cast on for some mittens for me in this wonderful Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair in blue-violet, which was left over from a shawl I just finished (photos forthcoming).


Balance — always worth striving for, particularly as I’m staring down another busy holiday season.

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