Endings and Beginnings

This week has been full of endings and beginnings.  That’s mostly due to school starting, I think.  Summer is coming to an end, and school is beginning.  I’ve gotten one kid off to college for his second year, and one kid off to high school.  The high school kid is getting the college kid’s bedroom, and the college kid will be relegated to what’s now being called the “small guest room” when he’s on breaks.  Getting the whole kit and caboodle moved has been fun and tiring all at the same time.

On the knitting front, knitting the Diamonds and Rings Aran is coming to an end at last.  I started the second sleeve last week, and realized that if I knit like an obsessed person diligently, I just might have the thing ready to make up by Labor Day.  Labor Day — wouldn’t that be appropriate?  One of the days that mark the end of summer, pool closings, back-to-school.  How appropriate a date to finish a cool-weather sweater.

I set aside my other projects and focused on knitting the second sleeve.  I finished yesterday and blocked it out.  Next weekend, I should be able to sew it up.  I may still have a few odds and ends to do, like knit up the neck and weave in ends, but I’ll declare victory if it’s all seamed up.

With the Aran off the needles, I decided to indulge in some casting on for Christmas presents.  During my recent stash-organizing fit, I unearthed an orphan skein of Cotlin and decided to cast on a washcloth as a stocking stuffer.  I’d seen Theresa Gaffey’s lacy linen washcloths in the Fall 2013 Knitting Traditions.  It’s an excerpt of her Eight Linen Washcloths set of patterns.  I decided on the Horseshoe Lace pattern and cast that on.  It’ll be my go-to easy project for as long as it lasts.  I’ll take it to the Scout picnic tomorrow night and to my various appointments this week.

I also cast on Fast Forward, by Natalie Servant.  Chris asked for a dress scarf for Christmas, in deep purple.  I chose Knit Picks Capra in Royal.  I think he’ll like Fast Forward, which is simply tailored, with just enough interest in the geometric pattern on the ends to keep it from being too boring.

It’s early fall.  Lots of beginning and endings.  Life mirrors knitting.  Knitting mirrors life.

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