Prickle Cowl

I finished the Prickle Cowl some weeks ago, before I even started my summer knitting.  I’m just now getting around to blogging about it, in large part because I decided I needed to model it in order to show it to its best effect, and finding a few minutes to take some photos proved to be more difficult than I expected.

Prickle - wearing

This photo shows the colors in the cowl a little better.  There’s a lot going on in this colorway: teal, indigo, turquoise, brown, forest green.  I’m probably missing others.

Prickle - table

This cowl’s origins go back to the Boston Marathon bombing.  In the aftermath of that terrible event, I was driving around town, running errands, with the saturation media coverage droning on my radio.  I was having lots of  what-is-this-world-coming-to thoughts, when I drove by one of my local yarn stores.  I decided to pop in to seek inspiration for a project that might put me in a better frame of mind (never mind that I had several other projects going and queued up at the time).

I wandered about the store, petting yarn.  I finally settled on a skein of Mountain Colors Twizzle, an interesting silk/merino blend with a handpainted coloray (Headwaters, in case you’re interested).  When I chose the colorway, I knew the finished article wouldn’t be for me.  I decided that it needed to be a gift, for someone else.  The gift to me would simply be the opportunity to knit myself out of my current funk.  I took the skein home, where I could search for patterns to knit.

I decided on Prickle, by Huan-Hua Chye.  It would be the perfect use for this yarn.  I’ve never knit a möbius cowl.  The pattern would thus be an intriguing combination of easy familiarity with the stitches (it’s not a complicated pattern at all), and the novelty of a möbius cast-on and construction.  The cowl would be a pleasant diversion from current news events and would produce, in short order, a gift to be added to the knitted gifts pile in my sewing room.

I looked up the very helpful video by Cat Bordhi on the möbius cast-on and got underway.  Over the next days, I watched the cowl grow from the middle outward.  The kitten-soft yarn slipped through my fingers as I watched the colorways change from indigo to chocolate to teal to turquoise.

When I went to attach the lace, I noticed that my yarn ball had dwindled alarmingly.  Would I have enough?  The pattern indicated it would be close, but should be do-able.  I knit crazy-fast, in a race to see whether the yarn supply would win out.  (Why do I do this?  Knitting faster doesn’t make the yarn last longer.)  In the end, I had just 20 grams of yarn left over:

Prickle - leftover

That was too close for comfort.  If I knit another cowl with this yarn again, I’ll size down the needles so I’m not so worried about having enough yarn.

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