Summer Project Update

With the Fourth of July past, and reminders of fall beginning to crop up, such as early back-to-school preparations, I thought it would be a good time to update you on my summer projects.  I started a number of summer projects before we left on our road trip, and some of those are beginning to come off the needles now.

The Seamless Baby Kimono

By last weekend, the kimono was down to the fiddly parts — the I cord and button loops.  I cord isn’t fussy, but getting the stitches picked up just so?  Well, that’s fussy.  So, I blocked the sweater so that I cord placement wouldn’t be too iffy.  When it was dry, I could place the I cord with confidence and then figure out the spacing for the button loops.

kimomo - ties

I decided on three buttons, rather than the one called for in the pattern, to hold the sweater together more securely.  My little nephew will be wearing this at the family cabin in the winter, which is quite cold, so more buttons are a good thing.

Kimono - buttons

Overall, I’m pleased with this little sweater.  The only thing I’m not crazy about is the color variegation on the sleeves.  I’d intended to match the yarn so that the sleeves would mirror the body, but no such luck.  I was using leftover yarn for this sweater — a skein and a half left over from an afghan knitted probably a decade ago.  While the yarn was from the same dye lot, there was a substantial variation between the two skeins that wasn’t evident when I chose them for the sweater:  The skein I used for the body gave me distinct yellow and blue stripes, with some white.

kimono - folded

The half-skein for the arms?  Not so distinct.

kimono - arm

When I went to knit the arms, I took the half-skein and unwound it, looking for matching colors so that I could continue the stripes that formed on the body of the sweater.  I was pretty upset when none were to be found.  Instead of blue and yellow, what I had was yellow and blue plied together, gradually turning into white, then the plied-together stuff again.

I weighed my options.  I could just knit the sleeves in white, but I wasn’t crazy about the effect.  I considered doing stripes in the plied stuff and white, but I didn’t like that either.  Besides, doing stripes would chew up valuable yarn, and I could see that it was going to be a photo finish as to which would come first — finishing the sweater or running out of yarn.  No, the best I could hope for was to just have the sleeves match each other, and then call it done.  That’s what I did.

The result, overall, a cute sweater.  It would have been better if I could have had the sleeves match the body, but it’ll do.  When you use yarn remnants, you take your lumps.

Kimono - finished

The Rainbow Scarf

I was a little sorry to see the Rainbow Scarf come off the needles.  The relentlessly cheerful colorway (Knitpicks Chroma Worsted in Lollipop) and easy pattern helped boost my mood, which has been pretty bad (all due to work, not due to the rest of my life, fortunately).  I decided to end it at 48 inches, leaving me with a skein that I’ll plan to use for a matching hat.  I haven’t cast that on yet, but I will, soon.

rainbow scarf finished

The Cobweb Crepe Shawl

I don’t have any photo updates for this one, although I am working on it diligently.  Right now, it’s looking like a wayward Halloween decoration — like a black cobweb.  I’m knitting the borders in the round, all at once, so it takes forever to get through a round.  I’m making slow and steady progress, though, and am glad to be taking the in-the-round approach, as that will save me some much-hated grafting.

So, the summer projects are finishing up or progressing, amidst herb-drying and gardening.  It won’t be long until Lammas, when I’ll have to start thinking once again about fall knitting.

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