Knitting Estivation

Estivation is a state of dormancy brought on by hot, arid conditions.  Here in my part of Colorado, it appears that spring has finally settled in.  The days are warm and mostly dry now, with the odd chance of an afternoon thunderstorm.  In other words, it’s the perfect time for my winter projects to either come off the needles or be packed away to rest for the summer.

Accordingly, I’ve blocked the Chariote Mittens:

Charoite Mittens - both

These were a fun knit, and a great learning lesson in two-handed, two-color knitting.  I also learned how to make thumb gussets, and in the process, decided that thumb gussets are really the way to go for me, as they allow for plenty of room for my largish hands.

I also packed away Eric’s Diamonds and Rings Aran:

Diamonds Rings - torpor

To ensure that I’d be able to pick this up again in September without too much grief, I placed all of the pieces together in a tote — the finished front and back and the sleeve in progress.  So that I could use the needles for my summer projects, if I wanted to, I threaded the live stitches onto waste yarn, but saved out the row counter for other uses.  On a piece of paper, I wrote down the row I was on, the increase rate I’d decided on (with a further note as to when the next increase was due), and the desired length and finished width measurements that I’m aiming for.  I put all of that in the tote, along with the pattern, and parked it for the summer.

In September, when the days become short enough that I start thinking about cool weather knits again (even before the summer heat has dissipated), all I need to do is wind another skein of yarn, pull out the tote, and get going.

With the Aran estivating, I’ve made room for summer knitting.  I made this simple dishcloth for my mom, who was kind enough to supply her own yarn:

Dish Cloth - rice stitch

It’s rice stitch, in case you can’t see that from the photograph.

Next up, I’ll make her a second one, probably in moss stitch.

I’m just about done with the Travelling Woman shawl:

Travelling Woman - almost done

After I finish that, I plan to get my knitting projects ready for our summer family road trip.  I’ll cast on a black crepe Shetland shawl, some mittens, and pack enough yarn for the charity scarf I need to knit for Christmastime and perhaps a baby project.  Plenty of things to keep me occupied until it’s time once more to contemplate worsted weight anything again.

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