The Travelling Woman Shawl Heads West

I realized that I’ve never taken the Travelling Woman shawl, well, travelling.  I thought I had, and I intended to, but with the budget cuts to business travel and all, I hadn’t been able to.  So, this was its first and only trip away.

I started the Travelling Woman shawl this winter.  I worked on the stockinette portion and finished the first of four repeats, before I decided my attention was divided among too many projects, and put it aside until I could finish a few other odds and ends.

I decided this would be my focus for our weekend away to Sacramento for my nephew’s christening. True to its name, it was an excellent travel project.  The merino-silk yarn doesn’t take up much room and is easy to knit.  The pattern isn’t difficult.  And I loved the feel of the fabric as it developed in my hands.

So, I knit some on the plane on the way to Sacramento.  I took it with me to my brother’s house and passed the afternoon knitting in my sister-in-law’s crocheting chair.  I knit in the evening until we went back to the hotel for the night.  It was as I was putting away the knitting that night that I began to fret.  Was I underyarned?

I usually take an insane amount of yarn with me on travel.  Insane, even when I’m packing carry-on only, which is most of the time.  I usually take a good 1000 m  of laceweight with me, plus an extra emergency back-up project for good measure.  This time, I’d scoped out my back-up project, but packed in such a hurry that I didn’t pack the yarn for the the second project, nor even think about it.

But here I was, closing in on the third repeat.  What if I finished?  Well, Sacramento is a state capital and all, so I figured it has to have a few yarn stores.  I soothed myself with the thought that after the christening, I could prevail upon Steve to take me to one.

On the way back to the hotel, I floated the idea: “So, if I happen to run out of yarn tomorrow, I may need you to take me to a yarn store,” I said, trying to act casual.  I sized Steve up out of the corner of my eye.

“Yarn store?” he replied.  “You don’t need to go to a yarn store.  You’ll be fine.”

“If I run out of yarn too early, there could be An Incident,” I cautioned.  I didn’t say anything else.  If I needed yarn, I’d find a way to get it, even if I had to dive into my sister-in-law’s crochet yarn stash and make something else for the next baby.

Post-christening, we all gathered at my brother’s house.  In between socializing and eating, I set up knitting in the cool quiet of their living room.  I knit and knit and knit.  I realized that I’d most likely be OK — that I’d finish the fourth and final repeat before the one edging chart, which I’d start on the plane on the way home.

I did just that — the edging is now started, and I hope to have this off the needles soon.  Lesson learned, though — To keep from underyarn anxiety, I need to have that extra project packed and at the ready.

I’ll post photos in the next few days — promise.

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