Sunday Miscellany

1.         I spent a fun weekend at Keystone, working on my family photo albums for 2000-2002, which is the last of my pre-digital era photos.

2.         If you hate photos of yourself, just wait 10 years.  You’ll be amazed at how wonderful you and everyone else looks.

3.         Putting together photo albums from 10 years or more ago provides a certain perspective.  Enough time elapsed that in my family, I saw people divorce, go through early post-divorce negativity, and finally made peace with each other.  If I had put an album together during the negativity period, I’d probably have left out all the photos of the ex.  As it was, I felt able to include at least some photos to recognize that part of our family history.   Time brings balance.

4.         Label, label, label your photos.  I wound up with commingled Christmas photos from 2001 and 2002, and had to resort to looking up in my old journals what gifts were exchanged during those holidays so that I could properly sort the photos.  I’m glad that my digital photos all bear the date stamp on them.

5.         Despite the diversion that scrapbooking provides, I have done some knitting, as well.  This is Prickle, a mobius cowl which is almost done.  Alas, it is not photographing well.  I’m hoping that it’ll be more photogenic when I finish it and model it.

Prickle - mostly done

6.         And this is a rice-stitch dish towel for my mom, who has kindly provided the cotton yarn for the project.  Not my most exciting project, but practical, nonetheless.

Rice Stitch

7.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to tell you in my next post that I’ve finished the Prickle cowl.  And with that, I’m off to go work on it.  Have a good week, all!

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