Keep Calm and Knit On

I was very grateful, during the events of this week, to have the comfort of knitting.  I knit through all the news reports (and turned them off when they became too much, and kept knitting).  I knit every evening after stress-filled days at work.  By the end of my workweek, I’d finished the Pine Forest Baby Blanket:

Gull Lace Blanket finished

In case you’re curious, this pattern, available on Ravelry, makes a quick and easy knit, and could be adapted to make a scarf.  It’s based on the Gull Lace pattern in Elizabeth Zimmerman’s February Lady.  The yarn is Knit Picks Cotlin in Swan.  It knit up into what I wanted — an easy-care, lightweight blanket perfect for summer.  Cotlin lacks the sheen of mercerized cotton, but the drape is nice, and it’s inexpensive.

So, on Friday, I strung the blanket on blocking wires (not strictly necessary, but a nice way to even out the edges for gift presentation), and went to run errands.  While I was out and about, I listened to the radio news reports out of the Boston area.  I craved more knitting comfort.  As it happened, my errands took me near my LYS, so I decided to stop in.  I found this neat yarn, Mountain Colors Twizzle, colorway Headwaters:

Prickle - yarn

It was soft, squishy, and comforting, and the colors were intriguing.  I figured it would make a nice cowl or scarf, and bought it to add to the stash.  As I finished my errands, I’d occasionally reach over on the passenger seat and squish it while I listened to the news.

I hadn’t planned to knit up the new yarn right away — I’d planned to continue working on the second Charoite Mitten, instead.  I put the yarn in my sewing room and went about my business.  But I kept coming back to  look at and touch it: the interesting colorway, the inviting cushiness.  “I’ll just wind it up and then go look for some candidate patterns, and then keep it parked,” I thought to myself.

After browsing some patterns, I decided on Prickle, a moebius cowl.  I tried to go do some other things around the house, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the yarn and cowl.  Then, it dawned on me — my antidote to anxiety and sadness over sobering national events is usually creativity.  When I was finishing the baby blanket, I was thinking about the baby my sister-in-law is creating in her womb, and the blanket I’m creating for him or her.   I was now fixated on the moebius cowl because I’d never made one before — I’d be expanding my creative abilities if I knit it.

Prickle - main

I sat down with the yarn and needles to learn Cat Bordhi’s moebius cast-on via her excellent YouTube video, and I was off and running after that.  Knitting the cowl has certainly been the antidote I wanted — soft, comforting, and creative.  It was the right diversion just when I needed it.

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