That Necessary Nudge

Sometimes, a nudge is necessary to push me out of knitting doldrums.  Doldrums, for me, don’t usually set in across all of my ongoing projects.  Rather, they may set in for one or two of my usually four or five projects that I have on the needles.  Right now, I’m feeling a bit stagnant when it comes to my Aran knitting.

I usually have some sort of cabled thing going on, in addition to my other work.  I love cables, and particularly love Aran knitting.  But these days?  Not so much.  I’m working on my younger son’s Aran, and have gotten to that point where I’m rather bored with it and would just like it to knit itself and then move on with my life.  No, there’s nothing wrong with the sweater — it’s coming along nicely. But the dark green has been something of an eye test to knit in anything other than bright natural light, and besides, it’s coming up on spring (such as it is here) in the shadow of the Rockies, and I will soon look forward to knitting something lighter weight.  At any rate, it’s become a chore for me to make progress on this sweater.

So far, I’ve gotten the front and the back done, and am working on the first sleeve:

Diamonds Rings sleeve


Often, the excitement of the next project in line is enough to nudge me along to finish the current one.  Not so in this case.  No, the next sweater is for my husband, Steve, who has requested — wait for it — a dark green sweater.  Heavy sigh.  Now, I’m all for having the guys choose their yarn.  Knitted items that the wearer has some sort of hand in choosing tend to get worn.  But this is going to be my third dark green Aran in recent knitting history, and it’s hard to get juiced about it.

It’s not that I have anything against dark green.  Steve has selected Alice Starmore’s Lapwing for his sweater.  I recently made this Simplified St. Brigid out of Lapwing for myself:

St. Brigid Finished 15

I love how it turned out and I wear it often.  Right on the heels of that, I started Eric’s sweater in Black Water Abbey’s Forest.  When Steve determined that Lapwing was his favorite colorway for his next sweater, over about 15 or so other options I laid out for him, I wasn’t going to argue.

Once I have Eric’s sweater finished, which will be in early fall, I’ll start on Steve’s.  Actually, I’ll probably do some swatching and drafting over the summer.  But as much as I like drafting and designing, putting together yet another dark green Aran isn’t nudging me to move on Eric’s sweater.  I needed a nudge.

I got my nudge last night.  We’re re-watching the Harry Potter movie series as a family, and last night was the first installment of The Deathly Hallows.  I enjoy Harry Potter for lots of reasons, including seeing the knitwear scattered among all the movies.  Last night, when we got to the scene where Harry and Hermione dance in the tent, my older son exclaimed, “Mom, I love that sweater!”

Really?  Now, my guys are pretty game about knitwear, but they don’t necessarily get excited about it.  When they do, it’s occasion to follow up on it.  As the scene progressed, I studied the sweater.  It’s a dark heather grey roll-neck with saddle sleeves.  The details are rather hard to discern, as the lighting is low in that scene.  It’s got some cabling and ribbing and some plain knitting, too.  “No problem,” I replied.  “You like that sweater? I can totally make that for you.”

A bit of research today turned up no ready-made patterns based on this sweater, nor even anything that was close.  It looks like I’ll have to design this based on what I can glean from the scene or two in which Harry wears the sweater in the movie.

No, I’m not going to drop what I’m doing and haul off and study the sweater and design something right now.  Chris is next in the sweater queue after Steve, which means I probably won’t actually begin designing until sometime next winter, at the earliest.  (That’s the way I roll — I wish I could churn these out faster, but absent growing another pair of arms or winning the lottery and devoting myself to my hobbies, it ain’t happening.)

Even though it’s going to be some time before I work on this sweater, it’s already done its job of nudging me along.  Now I have a new reason to move out on Eric’s Aran — the sooner it’s off the needles, the sooner Steve’s can get started, and once that’s about halfway through, I’ll start designing Chris’s.  I just hope that he doesn’t ask for it to be made up in dark green.

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