Divided Attention

I thought I’d end up calling this post “And Still More Snow Day Knitting.”  As I write this, it’s snowing.  No, this isn’t the least bit problematic.  We need the water, and badly.  Plus, the native plants here have the good sense to not bloom or emerge from the soil until May, and this gardener knows better than to plant things this early, too, no matter how inviting April weather may be.  While this month’s home and garden magazines feature daffodils and tulips and breezy window treatments, and clothing ads show bathing suits and shorts, we Coloradans have to be ready for all of that and a blizzard, too.

I’m not writing about snow day knitting, though.  This snow will happen during the week, so I’m not going to be able to justify hours on end of knitting on a snowy day.  No, I’ll be working from home.  Now, that’s a lot cozier than slogging through slush to be at work, but work is work and knitting will just have to wait until its customary time in the evening. Alas.

It’s just as well.  As the season turns to spring, my attention becomes divided among more things than during the fall and winter.  I’ve got various springtime celebrations to plan and cook for (Easter, birthdays, end of school year).  Then, there’s the yardwork.  It’s true that we don’t plant anything until after Mother’s Day — Memorial Day for tender plants like basil — but now’s the time to add soil amendments and whack back the sage, lavender, oregano, marjoram, and rosemary so that the herb garden doesn’t look like Little Shop of Horrors by August.

This spring, too, I’m back to acting on behalf of my boss.  This time, he’s off filling another vacancy until we can hire a permanent replacement, so I expect to be acting in his stead until about Midsummer.  Not terrible, but something else that will vie for my time and attention.

With all of these things going on, my knitting in spring and summer does slow down somewhat.  Even so, I do make progress.  I’m going to be putting the Diamonds and Rings Aran away soon for the summer.  This weekend, I threaded the neck stitches for the front onto some waste yarn and blocked it.  I also knitted some more of the sleeve.   I figure the more I can get done now, the less there is to do come fall.

Diamonds Rings front blocked

I’ve also been knitting diligently on the baby blanket.  Now, this is a project that needs to get done.  It’s now looking rather blankety, as opposed to just overgrown swatchy, and I’ve gone through several skeins of yarn.  So, I decided it was time to measure it.  28 inches.  That’s all.  Just 28 stinkin’ inches, after all this knitting.  The finished length will be about 40 inches, so that’s 12 entirely too many more inches to go.

Gull Lace Blanket 28 in

Heavy sigh.  It’s not like I hate the blanket.  I don’t.  It’s exactly what I wanted and expected from this project.  I chose the pattern because I wanted something easy to do on weekday evenings, when my brain has been sucked dry by work and I can’t handle more difficult knitting (or more difficult anything else, for that matter).  I chose the yarn because I wanted something lightweight and easy care for a baby to be born in the summer.  It’s knitting up just great: In case you’re wondering, Knit Picks Cotlin knits up into a nice, lightweight blanket with a pleasant drape and feel.  No complaints there.  The pattern?  Completely unobjectionable.  It’s four easily memorized rows (two of them are purled only, so even calling it a four-row pattern is a bit of a stretch).

All of that said, I am so looking forward to this blanket being done.  I really want to move on to the Travelling Woman shawl and other summer projects, and I just can’t yet because I need to get the blanket done well before the baby is due in June.  Which is pretty slow going when your attention is divided.

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