More Snow Day Knitting

I love snow days.  As winter turns to spring, I find I appreciate snowy days even more, because I know that as sure as the sun begins to climb higher in the sky, the snow days will give way to hot days in which I can scarce pick up a bit of laceweight knitting without breaking into a disagreeable sweat.  Here on my windswept mountainside, it’s realistic to expect snow until Mother’s Day, although the exact frequency and severity of the storms is variable.  Snow days are therefore not over quite yet, but I can’t take them for granted much longer.

Snowy weekdays aren’t true snow days anymore, alas.  With all the technology I have at hand, I can work from home just as easily as going into the office.  So, snowy weekdays filled with baking and knitting and the odd household project are largely a thing of the past for me.  Snowy weekends, however, are still prime knitting time.  And that’s just what I’ve done this weekend.

I eagerly tracked the snowstorm all week.  As the forecast gelled, I thought about how I would spend a weekend at home.  I diligently ran all of my errands in one long blitz on Friday, the better to have the snowy weekend relegated to knitting.  I planned to do my housework on Saturday morning, leaving a long stretch on Saturday and Sunday afternoons to knit.

I awoke Saturday to a beautiful snowy morning.  The snow had set in, and it would snow all day.  Once my morning laundry and other chores were done, I settled into my knitting chair for a peaceful afternoon of knitting.

With only a few more weeks of cool weather to enjoy, I’ve decided I need to focus on my two winter weight projects:  The Diamonds and Rings Aran for my son, and the Charoite Mittens.  When things warm up around here, long about May, I’ll find knitting on a worsted weight wool Aran about as appealing as sitting on the back porch on an 85-degree day drinking hot cocoa.  Similarly, the mittens need to get finished, too.  Knitting on mittens isn’t the same as having a heavy, blankety sweater in my lap, but the warm worsted weight just isn’t — Spring-like.  So, these projects need some work while the weather is still conducive to knitting on them.

It’s not realistic for me to think the Aran will be finished by Spring, not with my current schedule.  I can, however, get it into a state where it’s easy to pick up and finish come September, when the heat finally relents and the shortening days make me want to pick up cozy knitting once again.

I pulled out the Aran, which I’ve neglected for several weeks.  I was well into the armhole shaping on the front, and the back has been done for some time.  It’s realistic for me to finish the front and then get a good start on the first sleeve before this sweater goes into summer torpor.  If I set it aside for the summer at that point, then knitting up the last sleeve-and-a-half should be pretty simple work for September, and the sweater will be ready for my son to wear on his fall camping trips.

I made a lot of progress on the Aran yesterday.  I’m thinking that by next weekend, the front should be done, and I can cast on the first sleeve.  That will give me a few weeks of knitting the sleeve before it just gets too hot to be bearable.

Diamonds Rings front

The Charoite Mittens are coming along well, too.  The gusset section is done, and pretty soon, I’ll be doing the fingertip decreases.

Charoite Mitten

I think that if I focus on these two (while not neglecting the baby blanket completely), I will clear the decks for lighter weight summer projects.  I just hope that I’ll have a few more snowy weekends to enjoy before summer’s here.

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