Snow Day Knitting

We’re finally getting a decent snowstorm here (better late than never), and I’m going to be spending at least part of it watching the snow fall and knitting.

This week, I was busy preparing for a party we hosted last night.  A few friends, some cocktails, and finger food made for a fun evening.  Preparations, though, meant that my usual daily dose of knitting was curtailed.  In the limited time that I had this past week, I chose to work on my two easiest projects, which helped me de-stress from party planning.

I’ve been working on this gull lace baby blanket more or less diligently.

Gull Lace Baby Blanket

As it’s my only deadline knitting, I’m prioritizing it.  Most days, I sit down and do at least one four-row repeat before I allow myself to turn to other projects, which has kept me on track.

What I really have wanted to work on this week is my Travelling Woman shawl.  I am loving the Sweet Georgia yarn (colorway: Coastal), and sitting and knitting miles of stockinette is just what I’ve needed as a balm for this busy week.  Today, this snow day finds me ready to begin the lace pattern, so that’s how I plan to spend the afternoon.

Travelling Woman Shawl

Being able to focus on these easy projects this week reminds me why I keep four or five projects going all at once: There are times when I want something intricate, and others when I most definitely do not.  Next weekend I expect to have more time and mental energy to devote to my knitting, so my plan is to Kitchener the final corner on the Rosebud Shawl, and maybe even block it.  I also plan (time permitting) to work on the Aran sweater and start the thumb gusset section on the Charoite Mittens.  But today?  Today is all about the Travelling Woman shawl.

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