2013: Coming Back To Me

It’s a new year — one in which I hope to come back to myself.  For the latter half of 2012, I had to step outside myself at work to take over my boss’s job while he was on temporary assignment.  I knew that the job change-up was coming long before the change actually happened.  I planned for it.  I told myself that I wouldn’t let these new duties be all-consuming.  And I reminded myself that even if all else failed and I was consumed, the change would be just temporary, and that I could come back to my regular life in 2013.  The reminder was a good idea, because doing both jobs was just about all-consuming, despite my preparations.

My regular life is about to resume, with all its challenges, routine, and opportunities.  Not having to do two jobs creates a space for me that hasn’t existed for close to a year.  How will I fill it?

One thing I plan to do is to blog more frequently.  Yes, I’ve said that for almost two years now, but this time, I will try harder to follow through.  I’m going to try to post every weekend and occasionally more often than that.  I’d like to be posting more than once a week, but I can see that such a schedule is not realistic given all of my other obligations.  I don’t have legions of followers who are waiting eagerly for my next missive, so that’s not why I want to be a more regular writer.  No, I think the discipline of regular writing for a public audience will make me a better writer, regardless how many followers I have.

I plan to explore colorwork this year.  While I certainly enjoy lacework and cable knitting, I would like to expand my repertoire to include more colorwork.  I’ve made a few odds and ends in stranded colorwork, intarsia, and stripes.  I’d like to progress to making an allover Fair Isle sweater, but I don’t feel ready to tackle that just yet.  I’m going to amuse myself with small projects like mittens and hats, which I’ll sprinkle in among the other projects I already have planned for this year.

I also plan to continue designing some of my own projects.  I haven’t published anything yet, and I doubt I will in 2013 — I’m not quite there yet.  To get there from here, I’m going to experiment with design software (yes, I know, not strictly necessary, but fun to try), refine some designs, and research the particulars regarding publishing designs.

What’s the point?  Both knitting and writing are creative outlets for me.  I often feel compelled to knit, as well as to write.  I like to expand my talents by learning new things.  I also feel like I’ve benefited from the collective wisdom of other knitters, and I’d like to continue and expand my contribution to the ongoing conversation.

In 2013, I will return to my more creative self.

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