Sunday Miscellany

I don’t have one cohesive topic for this post, but I do have various miscellany:

1.         I’ve had a wonderful Christmas break, and I hope your holiday season has been just as terrific.  I’ve scooted off the friends and relations to whence they came, and am now turning my attention to the New Year’s celebrations and to returning to my regularly scheduled life.

2.         No matter how hectic the holiday season becomes, I always find time for knitting.  I’ve made good progress on my various projects.  I finished the back of the Diamonds and Rings Aran, blocked it, and started on the front.

Diamonds Rings back

Diamonds Rings back detail

3.         I turned the third and final corner on the lace edging of the Rosebud Shawl.  It’s not a particularly difficult project, although it is an exercise in perseverance.   I will have this complete by spring.

Rosebud Shawl 3rd edging

4.         Spring comes late to the Rockies, so I don’t feel particularly pressured.

5.         I do feel pressured by my deadline knitting, the Shale Baby Blanket.  The baby in question isn’t due until April, but I’d still like to have this done sooner, rather than later.  I have about 10 more knitter-hours to go.

Shale Baby Blanket 3

6.         My reward for finishing the baby blanket will be to start a new pair of mittens.

7.         I couldn’t find a mitten pattern that I liked, so I’m designing my own.

8.         The mittens will be stranded colorwork, which requires some charting.

9.         I decided that charting ought to be done with charting software, so I bought Knit Foundry’s Knit Visualizer for the Mac.  So far, Knit Visualizer has been fun and easy to use.

10.       I’m going to do some stranded colorwork mittens to practice my technique before tackling another big project — a Fair Isle sweater.

11.       A Fair Isle sweater project on top of the two Arans I’ve already promised, another baby blanket for a baby due in June, and various and sundry other projects that have been planned out for months?  Gee, why not?

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