A Yuletide Meditation

I’m a day early for Solstice, but today will be the only opportunity I have to blog until after our Christmas visitors have come and gone.  The stockings are hung and are slowly being filled.


The Christmas tree is trimmed, and presents have been wrapped.


Cookies have been baked.

What's Christmas without Star Wars cookies?

The guest room is ready.  Just about everything I could do ahead of time, I’ve done.  Now, it’s time to meditate at Yuletide.

I have a personal tradition on or near Winter Solstice, where I try to spend at least part of the day in silence and contemplation about the darkness in my life.  When that is done, I feel like I can turn my attention to the light, and fully appreciate it.  Today is about the only opportunity I’ll have for such ruminations.  This evening, family begins arriving for Christmas.   The energy of gathered family and friends, and of our Solstice Dinner tomorrow night, will surely bring light into our little part of the world.

The darkness in my life, for the most part, pertains to work.  The details are unbloggable.  The darkness will be lifted in part when my boss returns in a week, and we both resume our normal roles.  But some of the darkness will remain, for reasons way beyond my control.  The challenge for me will be to figure out how to bring light to that darkness, which is affecting pretty much all of us at work.

Other than that darkness, the rest of my life is quite light.  While I’ve not been able to knit or write as much as I’d like while I’ve been acting for my boss, that’s about to change.  I will soon be able to devote more time to these pursuits.  My family is happy and healthy.

I’ve made progress on the Diamonds and Rings Aran, the back of which is almost done.

Diamonds Rings

I’ve also made progress on the Shale Baby Blanket, which is looking more and more blankety every day.

Shale Baby Blanket 3

Speaking of family, I’m going to have to go finish getting ready for tonight’s festivities.  I’ll post again after Christmas, and this time, I promise to blog more about my knitting projects.  Blessed Yule to one and all!

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