Update on the Rosebud Shawl

So, along with Christmas prep, the Diamonds and Rings Aran, and the Shale Baby Blanket, I’ve been plugging away at the Rosebud Shawl.  The edging is a relatively simple 12-row repeat with about 20 stitches (the stitch count varies a little to create a scalloped effect), and is attached on every even row, with an additional stitch included in the attachment once per repeat.

When I started on the edging after finishing what felt like interminable borders, I rejoiced.  Surely, the final stitches were in sight.  It’s true that I’d done the bulk of the knitting, but I didn’t realize just how much was really left on the edging.  I plowed through the first side and turned the corner.  I dutifully took the shawl with me on my various travels, the better to make progress on the second edging.  I decided that just about every evening, before I went to work on my other projects, I’d pay a sort of knitting tithe to the knitting gods, and knit a repeat.

It’s not a perfect system, but progress is progress.  My travels are over for now, so no more three-hour plane rides where I can knock out lots of edging.  No, I have to return being the Queen of Incremental Progress, and be content with whatever I can get done bit-by-bit.  Either that, or I have to put aside deadline baby knitting and the Aran which I’d like to have ready for my son sometime before the first heat wave hits us.

I don’t pay the knitting tithe every evening.  I don’t even get to knit every evening.  Some evenings, I’m so tired or time-crunched that I just do a row or two of the baby blanket, and that’s that.  I do, however, try to knit a repeat on the shawl several times a week.

The other day, I was excited to see that the end of the third edging was approaching.  The fourth edging just has to go faster, as I’m sure I’ll be overtaken by finish-it-up-itis.  How much longer until the third edging was finished?

I’ve been careful not to do too many calculations with regard to the Rosebud Shawl — it would be too demoralizing.  I don’t want to know about how many stitches are in the body of the shawl, nor do I even want to think about how many hours this has taken to knit (far more than any other project I’ve undertaken, for sure).  These things would be relatively easy to calculate, but I just won’t do it.  But with the end of the third edging approaching, what was the harm in figuring out how many more knitting sessions I had?

I counted up the stitches left on the third side.  128.  Heavy sigh.  128 stitches in cobweb weight don’t take up a lot of space on the needle, so it looked like a lot fewer stitches than I’d thought.  I attach 7 stitches per repeat, and with one repeat per session, that’s just over 18 knitting sessions.  Thoughtful pause.  That’s about a month’s worth of knitting sessions, assuming that I don’t knit more than one repeat per session and I don’t add sessions.  It’s not terrible, and there’s definitely way more knitting behind me than ahead of me, but I’d hoped that I could call this one done by the end of the year and still work on my other projects, too.

I’m sort of glad that I have an idea how many more sessions it will take me to turn that final corner, but all the same, I think I will avoid doing any more math to figure out how much time I have left to finish the shawl.  If it takes until Spring, it takes until Spring.  The latest photo of the shawl, in all its unblocked glory:

Rosebud Shawl 3rd edging

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