The Rosebud Shawl – Attaching the Edging

Two autumn business trips down, and one to go.  I didn’t get as much knitting done on this last trip as I would have liked, but I did make some progress.  The second edging is well on its way to being attached:


On this trip, I knit and knit and knit on the flight back to D.C — over three good hours of knitting.  I’d planned to knit in the evenings where I wasn’t occupied, but as things turned out, I wound up having dinner each night with friends and colleagues.  So, no knitting then, and also no knitting on the flight back, as I opted to read instead of knit.  Nevertheless, progress is progress. 

The edging has been pleasant to knit — a simple 12-row repeat with an easy-to-follow chart.  The edging is attached on every other row.  It would be the perfect travel project, but for the fact that the shawl is quite large now and so takes up more space in my luggage than I’d like.  I thought about parking it until my next trip, but now I’m thinking that I’ll keep working on it, interspersing it with knitting the Diamonds and Rings Aran.

 Yesterday, I began the large swatch for Diamonds and Rings.  I got as far as the ribbing and then the increases for the swatch, and stopped for the evening at that point.  I might be able to finish the large swatch and also the sleeve swatch by the weekend, so I can then do the final math before plunging into the sweater knitting itself.  I should have some photos to show you by next weekend.

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