The One-Row Scarf

It was Saturday, and I was rushing to pack our things for the football game.  As part of Family Weekend, my family was heading up to Boulder to see our first-ever University of Colorado football game.  Amidst packing the Nalgenes, the camera, and the layers of clothing one needs for fickle Colorado weather, my thoughts naturally turned to knitting.

I did some quick math in my head.  I’d have nearly four hours to kill, all things considered.  What knitting should I take?  The Rosebud Shawl was out.  What if someone spilled something on it?  The Diamonds and Rings Aran was out — too many charts to deal with in a confined space with lots of distractions.  The Solstice Shawl was also out — the every-single-row-lace edging pattern is too fiddly.  Plus, there’s the food spillage issue.

No, I needed something stupid easy.  Something not requiring a chart or even much of a pattern.  Something I’d either like for myself or would be a good addition to my gift closet.  I decided against a baby hat, as I’ve already made enough of those for the little heads in my life. 

I did a quick stash dive, and came up with KnitPicks Chroma Worsted in Midwinter.  A scarf!  That would be perfect!  I could either keep it to go with my grey wool coat, or put it in the gift pile.  What about the pattern?  I remembered the Yarn Harlot blogging a while back about an easy scarf pattern that came off looking more complicated than it was.  I found it quickly — she called it a one-row scarf, which is pretty descriptive.  I jotted the single-row pattern down on a scrap of paper, stuck my 10-inch needles in my bag with the yarn, and was off.

 The result?  Well, the Buffs lost, big time, but I’ve got something to show for my time there, at least. 


I’ve got a good start on this scarf, which is now going to be my easy-peasy project for Family Movie Night and any time I need to take a project with me and don’t want to bring along a chart or pattern. 

In other knitterly news, I’m making good progress on my Rosebud Shawl edging, although I don’t have any new photos to show.  I finished one side between my travels to D.C. and then to Pueblo, and will probably finish the second side by the time I’m back from my October trip.  I expect to have it mostly done by the time I finish my November trip.  All of this travel means that I have a reasonable amount of time to knit, at least in fits and starts, but it also means I have precious little time for blogging.  I’m hoping to have more time come December.

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