Meet the Diamonds and Rings Aran

OK, so you can’t meet the whole thing yet.  Actually, it will be some time before you can.  Right now, the Diamonds and Rings Aran is still mostly conceptual, although it’s becoming more concrete after two afternoons’ worth of swatching, blocking, and knitting math.

The Diamonds and Rings Aran will be for Eric, who’ll probably save it mostly for outdoor adventures with the Scouts.  I’ll use Black Water Abbey’s 2-ply worsted weight in Forest, which should be just about perfect for our climate here in the shadow of the Rockies.

It took me way too long to decide on the patterns to use.  First, I wanted to do traditional knit-purl gansey patterns, but they didn’t play well with my chosen yarn, so the gansey will have to wait until I order some real gansey yarn from Frangipani.  I settled in on using a diamond center motif, but the first one I chose was too large — the repeats I’d need would make the sweater either too long or ridiculously short.

I decided on this smaller diamond flanked by mirrored cables:

Next to that, I’ll place ring cables:

And finally, a basketweave cable that I’m fond of:

I’ll do sand stitch as a filler:

Together, they’ll look something like this:

The sleeves will be shaped a bit, because Eric is tall and thin and will need more of a tailored look than dropped sleeves will give him.  I like the look of saddle sleeves, though, so I’ll use Janet Szabo’s shallow cap sleeves with saddles, for which she gives excellent instructions in her book, Aran Sweater Design.  Twisted ribbing on the cuffs and hem will round things out.

One thing I haven’t decided on yet is the neckline.  It’ll probably be either a crew neck or rolled neck — that decision will be Eric’s.

As much as I’d like to cast this on, I’ve got to wait.  I’ve ordered Signature needles (happy birthday to me!), which I plan to use for this project.  The final swatching needs to be done with these needles, so I expect that I won’t get this cast on until just before I leave for my next trip, or right after.

Now that this project is all queued up, I’ll set it aside until the needles arrive.  Meanwhile, I’m making decent progress on the edging for the Rosebud Shawl, and I’m going to revisit the Solstice Shawl, just to make sure that I’ve got the outside edge pattern all figured out before I head off on travel.

I will probably not have a chance to post again for a few weeks, due to my travels, but when I do, I hope to have some progress to show on this new Aran.

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1 Response to Meet the Diamonds and Rings Aran

  1. Tina says:

    I’m excited about your Aran and can’t wait to see the end result! Enjoy your traveling 🙂


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