Knitting Myself Out of an Awkward Spot

Lately, I’ve been in an awkward spot with regard to my knitting.  Although I always try to have at least one project going — and going well — to knit on in the evenings, I found myself stuck for various reasons, with each one.  I’ve finally knit my way out of the awkwardness and am back up and running.

Starting from oldest current projects to newest, a run-down:

I needed the time and patience to miter the corners on the Rosebud Shawl.  With both of those in short supply, I parked the shawl until after we returned from the beach.  I took my first available weekend time to stitch it together, and finally got out of that awkward spot:

Now I’m knitting on the lace edging, which is going pretty well.  Although the shawl is big now, I may take it with me on travel.  In any event, I’ll have this done this fall, in time to wear for shawl weather.

My next project is Eric’s Aran.  I’ve swatched and swatched and swatched — practically two skein’s worth of swatches, and haven’t come much closer to making decisions about patterns for this one.  I swatched up a bunch of gansey patterns before abandoning that concept.  Then, a neat large diamond motif, which ended up being too large.  With the heat of the summer bearing down on me, I couldn’t bear to keep knitting the Aran-weight yarn.  So, that was set aside.

It’s still hot here, but the days are getting shorter, which is prompting me to consider my fall knitting.  I pulled out the Aran yarn and have begun swatching up a smaller center diamond motif:

I’ve swatched some sand stitch, which I think I will use as filler.  Next up, a ring pattern and some basketweave cables.  So, I’ve knit myself out of that awkward spot and am off and running with some ideas that may actually turn into a sweater this fall.

Finally, my newest project is the Solstice Shawl.  There wasn’t much awkward about that, other than the fact that I wanted to avoid knitting too much on it before going to the beach, so that I wouldn’t wind up being underyarned while away from home.

This has turned out to be a good travel project.  This main part was simple enough that I didn’t use the chart — just the written instructions.  I’m using safety pins to mark repeats, and a counter for rows and a separate one to keep track of the center cable rows.  That’s a fair amount of tracking devices, but they do make life easier when knitting amidst frequent interruptions.  The pattern is pleasant to knit — not too monotonous, but not too terribly complicated.  As I expected, I got through the main part while travelling, and have now started the edge section.  This section is sufficiently complex that I’ll need the chart, but isn’t too bad.

My next business trip is coming up pretty quickly, and I plan to take the Solstice Shawl and the Rosebud Shawl as a backup.  I’m already thinking about a follow-on travel shawl, as I think these two may be finished before my October trip.

I’m really happy to be off and running with these projects.  With so little time this fall for knitting (much less blogging), it’s important to have projects at the ready for the relatively few times I have to knit.

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