Update on the Rosebud Shawl

My family and I just returned from Salt Lake, where we saw my brother graduate with his doctoral degree.  Salt Lake City is about an 8-hour drive from the Denver area, so it’s kind of sixes as to whether to drive or fly.  Given the option and the prospect of decent weather, I prefer driving.  Or rather, my husband drives.  I get hours and hours of unfettered knitting time as we traverse the expanse of Wyoming, and the boys are able to bring pretty much whatever they want, without having to abide by the carry-on restrictions that we have to deal with when travelling by air.

What knitting project to bring?  The Rosebud Shawl was perfect for this trip.  When I was working on the center panel, I took it with me on my travels.  As it’s grown, however, it has become too unwieldy, and the border pattern too complex, for catch-as-catch-can airport knitting, so I’ve relegated it to its spot next to my knitting chair, where I’ve made slow but steady progress on it over the past year.

In preparation for this trip, I’d finished off the second border and picked up the stitches for the third, starting in on the pattern for a few rows.  I tucked an extra skein of yarn into my knitting bag and thus my knitting was all set.

I didn’t get as much knitting done on the trip out to Salt Lake as I’d have liked, owing to our late afternoon start.  Between figuring out where to eat in Laramie (a neat brewpub called the Library) and how to get there, dinner, and recovering from my trip to Pittsburgh, there weren’t too many daylight hours  left.

I made up for that lack of knitting as the visit went on, though.  In the hotel room, waiting for the boys to do homework, I knit.  At my brother’s house, in the downtime before the graduation party, I knit.  And on the long drive home, I knit so much that my forearm aches today.  The result?  I have nearly completed the third border.

Plus, I have one more graduated brother.

In case you’re curious, I wore my Oriel Lace Scarf.  You know you knit too much when you buy a dress to go with your handknitted accessories, and that’s just what I did here.  I was really glad I brought the scarf, too, as the auditorium where graduation was held was rather chilly.  A light layer of silk was just perfect for the occasion.

Next up on the social calendar — Chris’s high school graduation in two weeks.  And if you’re wondering, having a kid graduate from high school doesn’t feel as strange as being a parent on a college campus, rather than a student.  When did this happen?

So, things will continue to be busy for the coming weeks, but I do hope to post, even if it is a bit crazy.  I hope to decide on yarn for Eric’s sweater, and perhaps to make some progress on the remaining Flamingo Mitten.  I took it with me to Pittsburgh, but never had the chance to even open the knitting bag.

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