All Thumbs

So, I’m coming into the home stretch on the first Flamingo Mitten, and have been procrastinating starting the afterthought thumb.  I’ve never made mittens or thumbs, so I put it off until I had the time and the good afternoon lighting to pick up the stitches.  I realized, well after I should have, that the waste yarn I used was way too similar to the main color of the mittens, so picking up the stitches was going to be a pain.  

Well, that was true enough.  I distributed all the stitches across the needles, and then carefully cut out the waste yarn, taking care to not cut the mitten stitches.  With that done, I proceeded with the main color, then added in the contrast color on the second row, as directed.  Relieved that I’d taken care of the fiddly parts, I moved from the dining room table (where I do my focused knitting work) to my knitting chair and started knitting rounds.

I looked at my work after a few rounds, and saw that it looked — odd.  Instead of nice, 1 X 1 stripes forming, I had loops.  Upon further examination, I saw that I was knitting the thumb inside out — the stripes were on the inside, with the loops on the outside.  

I have no idea how this happened.  True, I’ve never knit thumbs before, but I’ve also never accidentally knitted inside-out before, either.  Knitting never ceases to amaze me: I manage to avoid one set of errors, then create entirely new ones.  There was nothing else to do except rip the whole thumb out, put the stitches back on the needles, and re-start.  At least this second time around, the stitches are right side out.  

Soon enough, I’ll be finished with this first mitten and will get the second one started in time to take on my next trip.  And I hope I’ll be able to keep it right side out.  




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