Coming Apart at the Seams

So, I’m getting ready for my morning of errands, and I go to put on the St. Brigid sweater over my silk turtleneck underlayer, and I spy a small hole in the neckline, where I sewed on the cabling to the sweater body, which looks like this:

Now, probably the most striking aspect of the St. Brigid design is this cabled yoke — I think it’s the focal point of the sweater, so even a small hole where it meets the sweater body just won’t do.

“No problem,” I say to myself.  “It’s a 5-minute repair with spare yarn.”  I put the sweater aside until after breakfast, then duly took out my extra yarn for repairs.  I sewed up the little hole, then, for good measure, decided to examine the rest of that sewed-up seam.  To my dismay, several areas of stress were beginning to show, and parts of the seam were pulling apart.  Yikes!

This isn’t my first yoked sweater, or I’d be less disappointed in myself.  My seams tend to be very sturdy, and sweaters I make last years and years, yoked or not, at stress points or not.  Anyway, I had time this morning to go ahead and reinforce the entire yoke, so I hope the cabling’s secured for good now.

The sweater’s all repaired, and I’m off for my Friday morning errand blitz.

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