The Knitting Binge

The Knitting Binge

So, I’ve been away from the blog for too long.  It’s not for lack of knitting, but because of it.  I’ve been on a knitting binge since about Solstice, and it’s wound down only because I’m back to work after the holidays.

Usually, I try to balance my active and contemplative sides, including my knitting.  I balance my knitting time with the time I take to reflect about it on the blog or in my journal.  Not so with the past couple of weeks.

The holidays were relaxing and fun for me.  On even-numbered years, my brothers and their families all come for Christmas, which is time together that we all treasure.  On odd-numbered years, they come for Thanksgiving and spend Christmas with the other sides of their families, which means Christmas is a lot quieter around here.  This having been an odd-numbered year, it was the year of the large Thanksgiving and quiet Christmas.

With no one coming in from out of town for Christmas, I took off just over a week between Solstice and New Year’s.  My husband did the same, which is unusual — he typically takes just a few days off.  So, it was the first time the four of us had been together for a week at home in I-don’t-even-know-how-long.  I didn’t have to entertain a crowd, so I took every opportunity I had to knit.  True, we enjoyed relaxed family dinners and quiet evenings together, but this was the first time in a long time that I’ve indulged myself in so much knitting time, and it truly helped me recharge for the coming year.   Rather than try to stay balanced between knitting and blogging, between knitting and other obligations, I gave myself over as much as I could to knitting.  Every afternoon, I was able to sit and work on the project of my choice for several hours, which is quite a departure from my usual work and household chores routine, in which knitting time is usually circumscribed into less than an hour per day.   Every evening after dinner, I was able to resume knitting for several hours before bedtime.  I positively gorged on knitting, knowing that this time was unique, and that the opportunity for this much knitting was not going to come around again for a long, long time.

I’ll summarize where I’m at with various projects, and will post photos and more details later — each project deserves its own post.

I finished the front of the Saxon Braid Aran and started the first sleeve.  The Saxon has been challenging, not because of the knitting (which isn’t bad), but because the yarn is so dark that I need to knit on it during daylight hours, which are scarce this time of year.

I also finally made tangible progress on the Rosebud Shawl, finishing the first border and moving to the second.  As the increases build up, the rows get longer and longer, until finally, doing two rows an evening seems like quite the achievement.

In addition, I decided to start Spillyjane’s Flamingo Mittens, as my first foray into stranded colorwork.  (That effort will require more than one blog post.  Stay tuned.) So, with all that going on, plus Christmas preparations, I was too busy to blog.

Once the holidays were over it was back to work, and right after that, I hosted my annual Twelfth Night party, which took over last weekend.  Ergo, no blogging.

The holidays officially ended with Twelfth Night, so I’m back to it — back to trying to stay balanced among work and family obligations and personal time, between active and contemplative time.   The knitting binge was fun.  I gave myself the leeway I needed to find out just how much knitting I’d do if I had my way, and was able to experience how that felt (wonderful!).  It wasn’t sustainable, however, nor was it meant to be.  Feeding your id is fun for a while, but being unbalanced isn’t a good idea for the long term.  So, I’ll be catching up over the coming weeks, posting photos and blogging about my various projects.  It’s good to be back.

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