Falling in Love Again

I decided recently to revive my pink scarf.  It’s a baby-pink scarf I knitted some years ago from Debbie Bliss Cashmerino — my first foray into a sort-of lace-like pattern.  When I lived on the East Coast, it saw a lot of wear, because I wore it with my navy trenchcoat.  The trench got a lot of wear, as the winter climate was damper than it is out West.  It was my go-to three-season coat, and unless the weather warranted my parka, that’s what I wore, and the scarf tended to go with it.

I also wore the scarf with my white wool car coat.  I’ve never cared for the car coat that much — its two-button, double-breasted styling gapped too much in the front, I thought, and therefore tended to be a bit drafty, even when I applied the body-caulking of a scarf.  So, I wore the car coat only on rare occasions when the parka wasn’t dressy enough and there wasn’t enough precipitation to call for the trench.

When we moved out West, I found that I didn’t have anywhere near as much need for  the trenchcoat — precipitation falls mainly in the form of snow, and when that happens, I wear my parka.  Otherwise, I tend to wear fleeces, sweaters, or the jackety-type things I wear to work.  The scarf languished in my outerwear bin in the coat closet.

Recently, I decided to replace the car coat with one I think I’ll like better.  It’s grey wool, so it won’t get dingy like the white one, and the column of single buttons up the center comes up higher, so it doesn’t gap.  And the pink scarf will go well with it, I think. So, I pulled out the scarf and took a look at it.  It had some creases from languishing in its bin, and a few pills here and there.  I blocked it and shaved off the pills, and it’s as good as new.

We took these photos up at Evergreen Lake, right after our annual trek to have pizza at BeauJo’s and choose our Christmas tree.

The pattern is called Falling in Love, by Evelyn A. Clark.  It’s a great pattern for a first go at lace knitting.  For this scarf, I made a “lace book” consisting of a series of 3 X 5 cards, each with one or two rows of knitting instructions on them, punched in the corner with a hole punch and held together with a bit of yarn. At the time, I found it easier than following a chart, and easy to take on my travels.  The Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino knit up so wonderfully that I used it for several more gift scarves after I completed this one.

Next up:  Mittens!  I think I’m going to make mittens to go with the scarf.  I’ve never made mittens, nor done any colorwork, but it’ll be fun to try both.  I haven’t quite settled on a pattern yet, but I’m thinking about Spillyjane’s flamingoes.  Suggestions welcome.

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