Change in Plans

This weekend didn’t go at all like I’d planned.  I’m a planner, so when things don’t go according to my plans, I can get distraught, pretty quickly.

I was supposed to go on a scrapbooking retreat up in the mountains, but I cancelled at the last minute when a Pacific storm was forecast to bear down right where I’d be staying, perhaps keeping me from driving back down in time for Monday’s flight to my next business meeting in Chicago.

Ordinarily, I’d not mind too much if I had to stay an extra day in a winter wonderland, but I had no choice but to schedule a business trip right after the retreat, with no days in between to allow for bad weather or other personal crises that could develop.  So, when the forecast for the weekend looked iffy at best, I played it safe and decided to forego the retreat.

I didn’t make the decision lightly.  Unlike knitting, scrapbooking is not even close to being a primary hobby for me.  I knit just about every single day, but my scrapbooking efforts are confined almost entirely to two weekend retreats per year.  Because I don’t often work on my photo albums, it’s important to me to set aside the time for that, and the twice-yearly retreats are a great solution.

Not only did I lose out on the scrapbooking time, I lost out on the money I’d put down for the registration.  In deciding whether to walk away from that hefty hotel and registration fee, I thought about the time a few years ago when I decided to drive through a blizzard to get to a retreat in order to avoid forfeiting the money I’d put down for that trip, and wound up hitting a guardrail in the snow and shelling out far more in auto body repair than I would have lost in hotel fees.  Either way, I lost, I suppose, its just a  matter of how much.

Once I made the decision, I had to think about alternate plans for the weekend.  Scrapbooking at home?  Well, no — the supplies I needed were sitting with my consultant up in the mountains.  Knitting binge?  Tempting, but I also have the holidays to prepare for.  I settled on an excursion to an outlet mall to our south, where I was able to buy most of the Christmas presents I needed, and at good prices, too.  I even managed to knit for a while, finishing the increases on the Melbourne Pullover sleeve.  There’s a chance I may be able to have it done over Thanksgiving, when my brother is here to try it on and take it home.

So, it’s not the weekend I’d planned, but it was productive, nevertheless.  Plus, I didn’t have to face the high drama of driving back home through a snowstorm in order to make tomorrow’s flight.



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