Friday Miscellany

Odds and ends and knitting adventures this week:

I didn’t get a chance to post about the Rosebud Shawl last week.  We took DS #1 to check out the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT last week, which we all enjoyed, and which required spending the better part of the travel days on airplanes.  Thanks to all that, I managed to complete the first of two charts for the first border:

It’s turning out rather well.  I’m hoping to complete the second chart on my next business trip in a few weeks.  For now, the shawl is resting from its travels so I can work on other things.

While we were in Connecticut, I began thinking about a sweater for DS #1.  I think I’ll consider a Gansey, given that he’s looking at a career in either the Navy or the Coast Guard.  Not having worked with gansey-weight yarn, I may knit up a wrap for myself as a sampler with various nautical motifs, just to see if I like knitting it, and if he likes the yarn.  Depending on whether he goes the Coast Guard route or the Navy route, I’ll emphasize motifs such as lighthouses, buoys, flags, ropes, and I’m not even sure what else.

Speaking of samples and samplers, yesterday, I received my yarn from Black Water Abbey Yarns.  That I received yarn on my doorstep isn’t particularly remarkable, but the fact that it arrived just one day after I ordered it was pretty cool.  Granted, she’s pretty much just across town from me, but it’s still pretty neat to have such speedy service.  It’s about as close to having a yarn replicator as I think I’m going to get.


As you can see, I went a little crazy.  I ordered 11 different colors in 1-oz., snack-sized portions for swatching.  I think it’s brilliant that she offers the yarn in small amounts — terrific for trying it out.  I’m planning two Aran sweaters — one for the DH, one for DS #2.  I’ll swatch up some stockinette and also some cabling for their sweaters, and also for consideration for sweaters for sisters-in-law and for me, as well.

The colors are so lovely that I’m thinking about displaying the yarn in a basket until I get around to swatching, which won’t be as soon as I’d like, because I’ve promised myself that I won’t have a swatchfest until I finish my brother’s Melbourne Pullover.  I’m about done with the first sleeve, which has about another two inches before I can do the cap shaping (thanks to his preternaturally long arms, but that’s a whole new blog post).


With some luck, I might be able to finish the sleeve this weekend.  For right now, though, I plan to take advantage of the afternoon sunlight to work on the Saxon Braid Aran, which is looking more like a real sweater back and less like a large swatch:


This has been a lot of fun to knit, but cabling in a dark color like this tends to cause eyestrain if I do it at night, so I’m knitting on this mostly during daylight hours, and saving the Melbourne Pullover for evenings, which is working out pretty well.  Loving, loving, loving Starmore’s yarn (Limpet), and can’t wait to have this one done and added to my collection.

Off to knit while the sunlight lasts —



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