The Rosebud Shawl Goes to Washington

I’m pretty sure this was the Rosebud Shawl’s first visit to D.C.  I’ve kind of lost track (travelling projects can be that way, at least for me).  Anyway, thanks to fairly long plane rides and the fact that I’m more familiar with the pattern, I made a lot of progress on it this go-round:

Of course, this looks like a complete rat’s nest right now.  Lace knitting is an act of faith: It’s well-nigh impossible to tell how lovely (or irretrievably screwed up) one’s cobweb-weight knitting will be until it’s stretched and blocked.

The main part of this shawl is just about done — I’ve got about one repeat left, so my plan is to get the body finished and then start on the first border so that it’s all set up for my next trip.  I may even pick up the stitches for the second border and place them on a spare cord so that will be all ready, in case I get to the transition point mid-flight.

In other news, the St. Brigid is blocking.  Strictly speaking, it didn’t need it, as I’d already blocked it piece by piece, but I wanted to straighten out the neck just a bit and take its measurements.  It’s blocked out to 22 inches from shoulder to bottom, 18 inches across, and 18 inches in sleeve length, so it’s perfect for this body.  Photo shoot to follow, I promise.

This week, I’ll be finishing the body of the Rosebud Shawl, finishing Peter’s hat, and working on the Melbourne Pullover for my  brother.  Once the hat is done and the shawl is ready for my next trip, I’ll start swatching for my next Aran sweater.

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