I thought I’d do a quick post — I’m getting ready for another business trip, so I don’t have much time, but I’ll catch you up on my knitterly goings-on.

Thanks to my in-laws, who sent me money for my  birthday, I was able to finally purchase the Harmony Options set from Knit Picks, which was available at my LYS.  I am super-excited about using these.

I’ve made steady progress on Peter’s hat.  I don’t have any photos to show yet, but I’ll take some once I return from my travels.  All was going well (as well as it can be for intarsia in the round), until I got to the point where I’d begin decreasing for the crown.  At that point, I ran out of the teal yarn, so I had to order more from Paradise Fibers.  While waiting for that to arrive, I’ve made I-cord for the eye stalks.  Paradise Fibers came through (thanks much, folks!), so I’ll be able to finish the hat once I’m home.

I’ve also resurrected my brother’s Melbourne Pullover sweater, which has lain fallow for a few months.  My plan is to finish it by Christmas.

Finally, I managed to put the last stitch in my Simplfied St. Brigid sweater.  You’ll have to wait for the finished photos, though.  I’ve got to block the whole thing and then take it for its photo shoot in the next week or two or three.

The photo below shows the neck.  I picked up and knit 92 stitches, then purled the first round.  I decreased to 82 stitches in the second round (I’ve found that about 80 stitches in a neck yields a neckline that’s neither too floppy nor too constricting).  I knit up in rib for 4 inches and then turned that under.

Below, the bottom cable border.  I saw on Ravelry that some people had added such a border, and did that with my sweater, as it was just a skosh too short.

The photo below shows the sweater, just about done.

I was extremely pleased with the outcome.  The sweater fits me well, and I expect years of good wear from Alice Starmore’s yarn.

During my travels, I’ll work on my Rosebud Shawl.  I’m hoping that my next blog post will be about progress on the shawl and on Peter’s hat.  As soon as I can, I’ll get photos of the finished St. Brigid up here, with more notes on Ravelry.  I’m off to pack.

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