All Sewn Up

With the boys off to a Scouting event and the DH in the office for most of the day, I decided to use my rare alone time to seam up the St. Brigid sweater.  While I certainly can do my finishing work with the family around, I prefer to do my seaming when I can have an uninterrupted several-hour time period.

I seamed up the sleeves and body:

When I tried it on, it fit — for the most part. The sleeves looked rather bulky — sort of like bat wings.  I was perplexed, because I think the stitch count was the same as for the Na Craga, which fits me very well.

The good thing about seaming up and trying on a sweater before adding the neckwork and weaving in the ends is that it’s relatively easy to fix fit problems.  I took out the arm seams and re-seamed them, placing the seam several stitches to each side of the edge.  Yes,  that means I’ve got a bulky inside seam that I’ll have to deal with, but I did manage to get the sleeves to look more tailored without performing major surgery on the sweater.  Once I have everything together and do the final blocking, I will see what I can do about the inside seam.  I may tack it down to each side, or possibly do some sort of steek.  Lesson learned:  Sleeves for the next Aran need to be a bit narrower.

Next up:  Making the braided collar.

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